A Report on a Visit to San Diego Museum

In all new places that one visits we happen to see different history and also culture. When we visit new places we get to know places by asking the people whom we have found in those particular places. Paying a visit to a museum is a suitable and an easy way of understanding and also a way of getting the right knowledge about these new places since one tends to observe significant features like the archaeological findings and the handcrafts. Museums happen to be sacred places where the centuries of history are hidden and a lot of work of art is kept. A museum is like a bridge between places and people.

Out of curiosity I visited a museum when I had gone to San Diego on a holiday and I was anxious to know the history and the culture, tradition and also the art and the masterpieces. Since I was used to seeing this museum in the television and also in the internet I wanted to feel a real emotion since I was watching it live. Visiting a museum also gives an individual a better chance to get conversant with the past and also the history. When I went to San Diego I paid a visit to a museum of art and there were all kinds of art from all parts of the world from the different periods. They had special exhibitions concerning Indian art and also an American gallery of photos which concerned the history.

First I went to the Asian art sector which had some material from Japan and also sculptures which are related to Buddhism. There were collections of swords of which I found interesting. There was another piece of painting which was painted by Yoshitoshi Mori which caught my eyes; it had a title known as Warrior on a Horse. This amused me since it looked like a cartoon. I ought to think it was because its eyes were large. After that place I went to another room which had European art. All the portraits that I saw made me feel ashamed of my own but there were a lot of absurd pale children and also women. There was another panel which was known as Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine with some Angles and Saints by a workshop which known as Master of Frankfurt. The Angels wings looked neat it was nice to see a different thing than traditional white wings. There was also the painting of Francisco de Zurbaran which was known as the Lamb of God.

This was a description of a lamb which was tied with a halo all around in the head. This concept amused me very much. There was also some flowers by Daniel Segher' Garland with Holy Family. This looked as a memorial of Hoy Family or the grave maker. This looked very pretty. In the museum I did not find the American photo gallery very interesting. It was known as the changing America. I happen to be very critical about photos since it does not take a lot of skills to press a button and the picture happens to be a perfect representation of the illustration. I decided to be blown away due to the subject of the photographs. Other photos did their job since they captured the quintessence of the time. Others never amused me but left me with questions with regard to what I saw. In another room there were landscapes and cityscapes between this two I prefer landscapes and the cityscapes to be left without any person.

I think people should pay frequent visits to places like these ones so as to stay informed about everything. have also came to understand why it is very important to be creative because if it were not for those people who came up with an idea of having some place such as museums we would not get some evidences of the remains of the past .People who visit different places should at least be able to write a small story I concerning what they have learnt in this new place and also what they have found that is unique from their place and this will continue to increase the understanding and also the information in our museums. In my visit to San Diego museum I get to understand that people are very curious and that why they need to go to new places as they enjoy and also learn how different races are. If we stay as informed people and appreciate what we know about other people would live in peace and this would encourage more people to visit different places.

In the future if will be in a position to narrate to my grandchildren about what is found in this museum since I learnt a lot. The main objective is that am informed about the different people who lived long time ago and that I know the people whom can cope from to help all other people get informed. The more a person is informed the more he or she gains some knowledge that is important in the future; also one gains some confidence since he or she can be in a position to explain some past questions when asked. All human ought to visit places or ask for the information from those people can not mislead them or go to place of interest and make sure that they have corrected enough date which they can analyze and then store it in the museum for future reverence(2011).