Gulliver's Reaction to Captain Mendez

At first, Gulliver met Captain Pedro de Mendez at the sea, when Mendez came to fetch him with his boat. Gulliver was very scared to an extend of loosing his own life. In a contrary, Captain Mendez started treating Gulliver with a lot of humanity when they boarded the ship. Gulliver did not expect this, and thus why he maintained silent (Clifford 33). Moreover, Captain Mendez gave Gulliver many stories regarding to Yahoo, which stimulated Gulliver panic and confusion. When the time for dinner arrived, Gulliver desired to eat something out of his own canoe, but Captain Mendez ordered him with chicken and awesome wine and later on, he directed him in a clean cabin bed.

Despite all of these, Gulliver was still scared and he thought he was going to be murdered. Thereby, after sleeping for some minutes, he guessed that Captain and his crew have gone to sleep, and that was an opportunity for him to run away and escape yahoos, but he was arrested and taken back to his cabin, although this time he was chained. From above information, it is very clear that Gulliver reacted ironic to Captain Pedro de Mendez. Captain was treating Gulliver with a lot of hospitality, thereby we expect Gulliver to respond positively, but he is scared of Captain and the so-called yahoos (Clifford 40).

In addition, Gulliver took Captain Mendez as a conservative person. This is noted from the questions that Gulliver was asking the Captain. However, Gulliver was afraid when he realized that Captain was a wise man. To hit the nail on the head, at the end of the story, Captain Pedro de Mendez returned Gulliver to his homeland (England) (Clifford 47).