Dear Brother,

I was so happy to receive your letter last month. I read it every time when I feel lonely and think about you, my children, our parents, and Poland. Moreover, it was pleasant to read that you and your family are healthy and live well. I hope the same will be in the future. In your letter, you asked me to write you everything about the way I live in the United States, what has brought me to this far country, and about my living and working conditions. I am really eager to tell you about my new life in the USA I could never even be dreaming of.

To start with, do not worry about me since I am going on well here. You should be aware of the fact that I do not regret of having immigrated to the United States. Although I miss all of you very much, the country has impressed me largely and thus, I have almost forgotten my past life in Krakow. The USA is a flourishing, wealthy, democratic, and peaceful country. The president Sir Theodore Roosevelt is a great patriot of his country. He altered the Government profoundly and made it honest and more efficient. The latter has the purpose to improve all major spheres of life in the society. The Congress implements many effective laws and reforms to develop the economic and political sphere of the state, to regulate industries, foreign policy, and foster the prosperity of the USA and the well-being of all people around the country.

To tell you the truth, I have already made good friends here who are ready all the time to assist me in the hour of need. Most of them are the other immigrants I am working together with at the factory. They have come from various countries from all over the world, especially from such European countries as Spain, France, Italy, Great Britain, etc. Unfortunately, there are no so many immigrants from Poland who I could speak our mother tongue with. We all live in a comparatively new and safe block of flats for the factory workers. The rooms are not big, but with new furniture and large windows. Traditionally, the rooms are for three to five people. We have a kitchen and a bathroom at our floor. The block of flats is located not far from the factory in the suburbs of the city.

Furthermore, you know that there was no way out for me to continue living in Poland. I had no permanent job and a good place to live with my children since my husband had died during the Revolution. Thus, I have largely succeeded to move to Chicago and to obtain a position at the factory. Now I realize that I have to stay in the United States for some time and earn money in order to ensure the future of my children and the golden years of our parents.

Moreover, I wish you could come to the USA as well and take my nephews with you. Then you would probably make up your mind to stay here for good. The wages here are much higher than in our motherland and in the entire Europe. The country is growing rapidly. There appear a wide range of new large cities and small towns throughout the country. Thus, many skillful, hard-working and experienced workers are needed to build the block of flats, shops, parks, department stores, stadiums, and roads. I am sure you would find a well-paid job if you decide to immigrate to the United States. Of course, I would assist you to look for a job. Some factories and enterprises provide their employees with cheap but clean and safe-living places. Therefore, a large number of people from small villages and farms move to the major cities in search for better life and greater incomes.

However, immigrants are treated in a good way. Most people are convinced that we also profoundly contribute to the successful development of the United States. Thus, all of us have a frail hope to become legal citizens of the country in the coming years. I should mention as well that the immigrants have already managed to receive significant assistance from the local authorities. In the course of time, these changes will foster the improvement of our working conditions.

The government has passed the laws that are aimed at ensuring safe and appropriate working conditions for all employees notwithstanding their nationality or origin. Furthermore, the required amount of working hours for women and children has been reduced and the wages have been increased apparently at the same time. The employees of our factory receive wages regularly and in the whole amount. I have already described you my living conditions. You see that they are really appropriate and much better than in our country.

I believe that I have managed to persuade you to immigrate to the USA. I hope you will write me about this in your next letter. If it is not difficult for you, please visit our parents more often. They need your help now more than ever. To tell the truth, I am dreaming that one day I would be able to take my family to the USA. Although at the moment it is not possible to carry this out, I shall do my best to make this dream come true in the nearest future. Finally, write me please more about my nephews and describe what has changed in Krakow for this half a year. I embrace you all and wish you would celebrate the coming holidays in peace and happiness. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,