Anti Abortion Essay

Life is considered to be sacred and untouchable no matter what. In most highly-civilized and democratic countries, life is protected by the rule of law. However, there is also a loop to it called abortion. The abortion topic is highly controversial one and involves a lot of debates between both sides: those who are against it and those who favor it. It is undoubtedly a moral issue that should be dealt with diligence as it is about sacrosanct life.

The proponents of pro-choice movement allow abortion, giving in such a way women a choice to justify the termination of an embryo, basically allowing a murder to happen. The pro-life activists are against this procedure as they realize how dreadful it is to let a woman commit a crime and do not let this life inside her to see the world and develop as a personality. A woman might have her own reasons for doing that but, despite all the solid arguments, stopping life from evolvement is set to kill it. 

It is understandable that there must exist some opinions in the society that consent abortions otherwise, they will not happen so often. The abortion is not seen as a big deal for some people as they think of it as just another type of contraception. From such a perspective life termination seems to be an easy decision until it comes to facing the consequences of the actions. It is vital to understand that abortion is a not a birth control method; it is a life-changing decision. The easier way will be using contraception, which we have a great variety right now, and avoiding making harsh choices.

Considering how many young women, teenage girls opt for abortions in the United States each year, it has become the urgent topic. Women explain themselves that they are not ready to take the responsibility for another person or that they are not financially capable of taking care of a child. Yes, giving birth is about commitment and complete devotion to a newly born, but it is also about becoming a parent to a part of you, a person who will possess all the qualities of a human and act like a human. It is a marvelous feeling of parenthood that some women so easily turn into the feeling of guilt because let’s face it, depriving a child inside a woman of the chance to live in most cases lead them to lay the blame on themselves.

It is easy to do something without thinking about the results but it is not so easy to reverse your actions or change them.