The American Dream

The concept of the American Dream has become the central point of the lives of many Americans since the birth of the country. This driving force stimulates people to move towards achieving their goals. I strongly feel that the American Dream transforms my own destiny, motivates me to become successful and live freely. Examples of this concept are popularized by mass media and widely known among ordinary Americans. The American Dream is often associated with freedom, success, and the ability to control your own life.

The American Dream: Freedom

Freedom is the most important part of the American dream, because Americans cannot live when their rights are forcibly restrained. The possibility of the free life attracts many immigrants who want to enjoy the benefits of the American Dream. Although we often overlook the concept of freedom because it goes without saying in the USA, it is extremely valuable for the citizens of other countries whose rights has been limited for centuries. Also, the ability to protest against injustice and speak freely adds value to the liberty rights of Americans.

The American Dream: Success

Success has been the goal of many generations of the past and present because it is often considered to be the criterion of a worthy life. The concept of the American Dream made it possible for Americans to reach success, motivating them to believe in their strength. In addition, American citizens are never limited in making accomplishments throughout their lives. They perceive their path to success as a journey rather than a destination.

The American Dream: Ability to Control Your Life

The ability to control one’s own life is the last critical component of the American Dream. Similar to freedom, this valuable right is often taken for granted in the American society, although it should be widely recognized due to its rareness in the world. Unfortunately, some countries limit the rights of their citizens discriminating against their origin, race, class, wealth, etc. On the other hand, the American citizens are able to pursue great fortunes even if they were born in a poor family. Thus, living in the USA, a person is in charge of his/her own life regardless of circumstances.

Human nature always drives us to strive for more. We often complain about our President and government without thinking that there are places in the word where people live under oppression and do not have a chance to enjoy the benefits of the American Dream.