Overall Health Assessment


Background: Chandra Family moved from native India to the US ten years ago

Manan Chandra - Age: 55; artisan; native of India; 5'9'' 135 lbs.

Allergic reaction: Sulfonamides

Health History: Melancholia, anxiety, painful urination.

Manan: suffers from pain while urination for almost one week. Prefers not to talk about his problems with female nurses and denies anything at first, but lately, he confessed that he had hematuria past four days. Specifies that he does not want family members to now about his disease. Complains of vertigo, delirium, and discomfort while urinating.

 Shubah - Age: 52, Manans’ wife; housewife; native of India; sedentary lifestyle; 5'5'' 160 lbs.

Brings up Achala and Garja after the death of their parents.

Allergic reaction: NKA

Health History: SOB, despondency, weakness, overweight.

Shuba custody: complains of increased SOB. States that she has unsuccessfully tried folk medicine. Hesitates to wear special clothes due to modesty issues. Experiences hypertension. Eats high-calorie food at home. States that cannot exercise due to SOB. She is still grieving the death of her son and his wife in the accident.

 Achala - Age: 10 – Shubas’ and Manans’ granddaughter; 4'9'' 78 lbs.

Allergic reaction: Bees

Health History: Possible ADHD; 

Achala: lives with grandparents since parents’ death. Behavior problems. Actively touches everything within range and ignores any disciplinary efforts. Complains of sudden leg pain and headaches. Hates school. Entered the new school in the middle of the year, therefore has had troubles making friends.


Garja - Age: 7; Shubas’ and Manans’ granddaughter; 4'2'' 60 lbs.

Allergic reaction: cats

Health History: Requires rehabilitation due to emotional issues caused by parents’ death. Takes Abilify 2.5 mg/day through last five months.

Garja: lives with grandparents upon parents’ death. No complaints about the physical condition. Hates medicine because it makes her feel strange. Behave silent.



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Overall Health Asessment

 Due to cultural pluralism, doctors are aware of the upcoming differences between medical beliefs among different cultures. They need to conduct a research in order to build treatment plans acceptable to patients.

The background is essential in this case, so the clinicians need to understand that Chandra family immigrated to America not so long ago and they are still connected to their cultural practices.

Mr. Manan, for example, is afraid of discussing his reproductive organs, but he is suffering from hematuria which may result in urination of blood and actually could be an indicator of a tumor in the urinary tract or prostate. However, due to the taboo, Manan is reluctant to get treated.