Tips on Writing an Effective Thesis Statement

Creating a strong thesis statement may seem quite a complicated task. However, if you know certain tricks of writing a thesis, you will easily get through this part of a writing assignment. A thesis statement is a brief sentence, which highlights the main idea of the entire paper, controls all ideas within the essay and presents your opinion on the topic.

How to Understand that a Thesis is Impressive?

After reading a thesis statement, your audience should understand the major topic of the entire paper. For that matter, every paragraph of the paper must support your thesis. The thesis statement must be supported with interesting facts and catching pieces of evidence. A thesis statement must grab the reader’s attention at first glance. You will not likely start reading an essay that seems dull to you. Therefore, make sure to mention something exciting, which will force the reader to read your essay till the end.

Where should a Thesis Statement be Included?

The best option for you is to clarify this question with your adviser. Some universities might have specific requirements to this part of the work. However, there are two places where a thesis statement can be included. Most often, it is recommended to put this statement below the introduction. This way, it is used in order to lead to the main part of writing. Also, a thesis statement can be put in the beginning of the essay. In this situation, it can beat the reader out of reason. Whether you will put it in the beginning of your writing or after the introductory paragraph, keep in mind that a thesis statement should be always related to the introduction.

Tips on Creating a Thesis Statement

The basic and most useful pieces of advice are the following:

  • Learn as much about your topic as you can. If you have an option to choose a topic, make use of it. Make sure you choose a topic that you have a passion to. This will improve your chances to produce a good paper and an outstanding thesis statement.
  • Avoid selecting too broad topics. You should prefer limited ones. This will guarantee creating a strong thesis statement and full covering of the topic.
  • Brainstorm. If you cannot start producing your paper, just start collecting the data on your topic, and try to express your thoughts in a written form. Then, organize the writing and divide it into a couple of chapters. When this step is done, brainstorm a thesis statement.

Whether you are assigned to write an essay, a term paper, a research paper, a speech, a book review or a book report, a thesis or any other type of academic paper, a thesis statement must be written in any case. So consider our recommendations and do your best to create a strong and winning thesis statement.