Writing Essay on Modern Status Symbols

A status symbol indicates the social position a particular person has in society. Previously, there was a big difference in what was considered a status symbol in various cultures and societies. On the other hand, nowadays, the status symbols are much common. They are luxurious goods that are not affordable to ordinary members of society.

A wealthy individual can be differentiated from an ordinary person by the ownership of a latest car model, luxurious house, expensive clothes, etc. That is why many well-off personalities live in villas, penthouses, condos and luxuriously furnished mansions.

Furthermore, wealthy people pay a lot of attention to their appearance. This often refers to wearing expensive clothes and accessories in public. As a result, wealth is usually associated with growing popularity of French and Italian designers who create certain fashion images that are closely related to wealth.

In addition, luxurious car is the most evident status symbol nowadays. Expensive vehicles are mobile and cannot be replaced by low-priced copies, unlike fashionable clothes that may be obtained for a low price and still look decent, or luxurious houses that are immobile and cannot become the object of constant public display. Also, the most expensive and luxurious car models are familiar to everyone. So, it doesn’t take a technology enthusiast to distinguish expensive car brands on the road.

Luxurious cars, mansions and fashionable clothes are the most common status symbols nowadays. Status symbols mean a lot to modern people. That is why people are capable of doing many things in order to obtain wealth. There are also people for whom getting status symbols becomes a lifelong goal, because they are often associated with luxurious level of life, success and jealousy of other members of society.