Article Critique Writing Services

The main aim of an Article Critique essay is to state your attitude and opinion in regards to a scientific or literary article in a clear and concise manner. The author of the Article Critique essay should read the paper or article, conduct a brief research and identify the main thoughts that author of the article desired to clarify to the reader. It goes without saying that it’s crucial to understand the topic very well because it allows you to make your own deductions and conclusions about it. This is why a widely accepted practice for the professors at different educational institutions is to assign this type of essay to students in order to obtain different opinions on the same article. It’s interesting, how because of the peculiarity of each individual’s mindset, the same article generates dozens, sometimes completely opposite, conclusions and considerations. The main goal of the Article Critique essay is to express your individuality. Here are some brief tips on how you can do it:

  • Give a general statement at the very beginning of the essay.
  • Present the key idea of the article as well as the main issues described (you can include the  name of the author of the article).
  • Demonstrate your thoughts and feelings about the topic, without being impolite or rude. Even if you find out things that disappoint you, suggest your way of solving them providing examples and evidence.
  • In the end, provide a conclusion, which corresponds with your main idea about the article.

Although, the Article Critique essay is not the most difficult type of essay to write, sometimes students need help with completion of this task. Help may become the necessity if the task:

  • Requires visiting various educational institutions to discover the facts needed for the completion of the work
  • Demands additional research and information from peculiar sources, which are difficult to access
  • Has the deadline, which ends very soon

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Before the start of the work, our staff discusses all the necessary requirements to your paper including formatting style (MLA, APA, Harvard etc.), deadline and all other special requirements given by your professor.