Learn Intelligent Planning and Be Productive

To be productive, you have to develop only two skills – staying focused and planning your time wisely. So, if you are tired of feeling unsatisfied with how you manage your time, check out some tips which helped me achieve productivity and might be just as useful for you.

Rules for Staying Productive at Work

Delegate Tasks

Remember, you can never cope with a large task on your own. Moreover, you do not have to do that. Smart workers know how to cooperate with their colleagues and how to delegate tasks. You have to trust people you work with. The result depends on your ability to explain the details and share the information and materials you have. Setting a deadline might also help, since people treat such tasks more seriously.

No one is going to volunteer and suggest their help, so you have to ask for it. In case you are overly introverted, you might end up doing the task on your own.

Prioritize Meetings

Always remember that time is your most valuable resource. You might, of course, want to meet with as many people as possible to build up the network, but staying at your desk and actually working is also vital. Saying “no” to unnecessary meetings has always been among the best ways to achieve your goals.

Obviously, a face-to-face meeting with your boss is very important. I am not so sure about the meeting where you have to choose between green and yellow for a new company newsletter, though.

At work, I receive requests for meeting several times a day. That is why I dedicate two days to meetings and the rest of working days to fulfilling my core responsibilities.

Draw Up To-Do Lists

All of the tasks you have to complete at work can be divided into two categories – difficult and easy. I prefer doing the easy ones first thing in the morning and then getting down to those which are more complicated. Nowadays, there is a number of online applications to help you create to-do lists and keep track of all the tasks you have to complete. I find Google Tasks the most convenient, but you can try some other tools. Google tasks can be synchronized with other applications, such as Google Calendar or Gmail, so I can work wherever I go.

Breaking up big tasks into smaller ones might also help. For instance, if you have to prepare a huge report, it is always easier to prepare 2-3 pages a day than staying up all night before the deadline.

Well, these rules have made my life much easier. However, remember to make small breaks, because your body and mind need some rest from time to time. Follow these small tips and feel the sense of accomplishment at the end of every day.