Effective Tools for Teaching Students with Special Needs

In the past, children with learning disabilities had little chance of studying in regular schools. Thanks to the advent of technologies, they are able to study along with their peers nowadays. It benefits greatly not only their educational process, but also their social grows, since such students don’t have to feel isolated anymore. Here you can find the list of online tools, which make studying in a classroom less challenging for students with special needs:

Word Talk

This Microsoft product is commonly used by students who are not able to use the mouse or have troubles with reading. Its primary function is to read Microsoft documents aloud. In addition, it allows students to create and save audio files.

Word Prediction

The purpose of this program is to make the typing process more effective by providing a person with possible variants of words they intend to enter. It can be helpful for  those students who experience difficulties writing or memorizing things.

Kurzweil 300

This program is designed to assist students with limited reading abilities. Just like Word Talk, it converts text into speech. Kurzweil 300 supports 18 languages and multiple voices. Moreover, it provides students with an oral spell-checker and a vocabulary in pictures.

Video Magnifiers

The aim of this tool is to help students with impaired vision to read educational materials by magnifying a text and transmitting it to a large screen with the help of a camera or a video. 

Screen Readers

One more tool, which main function is to read printed text aloud in a synthesized voice, is Screen Readers. Its purpose is to assist students who are not able to read due to the defective vision, autism or other health issues.

These are only a few examples of tools, which help students with limited learning abilities to study in a classroom. You can find a great number of similar software available online. Moreover, this number increases every day, which means that people understand the importance of the inclusive education and equal educational opportunities.