Animal Abuse Essay Writing

Animal abuse is a typical topic for essay writing since this problem is particularly urgent. Animals are not that powerful as humans and thus, people often use them for their own benefits forgetting their solemn duty to protect animals.

Our world is drowning in cruelty and violence. Whereas people can assert their rights, animals are unable to do it. Although there is a law that suggests preventing cruelty to animals, animal abuse is still widely practiced all over the world. Animals have rights to be protected and treated humanely.

Unfortunately, not all pet owners understand that pets are not means of entertainment but great responsibility. A lot of pets are on the pavement because their owners are tired of them. Some people mistake pets for toys that do not require care. Consequently, many animals die since they cannot live on the streets without food and care. Additionally, there are a lot of examples when people neglect their pets by putting them in tiny muddy spaces where they can barely move. We should put an end to animal abuse because they like humans feel pain and maltreatment.

It would be absolutely unbearable if humans could step into abused animals' shoes and feel that pain. Animal cruelty is punishable by death. In practice, animal law can only fine abusers. Many people believe that the government should strengthen punishment for animal maltreatment. At the same time, there are a lot of people for whom a pet is the only friend and the only remedy for loneliness. How can it happen that a lovely pet becomes useless when being old or ill?

We are humans and as long as we practice animal abuse, such terms as “humanity” and “moral” cannot be used referring to our nature. When treating animals, we should be guided not only by animal law but also by our morals and ethics. Animal protection should be a key responsibility of a human being.

Steps to Avert Animal Abuse

  1. Convert yourself to vegetarianism. It is absolutely implausible to say that you are against cruelty to animals and continue consuming meat.
  2. Disseminate the idea of vegetarianism among your friends. If nobody sides with you, you won't be treated seriously.
  3. Look for some protests and meetings or organize them on your own. Ensure that a lot of people will come to the protest and that they are serious-minded.
  4. PETA support. PETA is an organization which fights against animal cruel treatment. You can create an account in social networks and find like-minded people. Additionally, suggest your friends registering on the website to contribute to animal abuse eradication.
  5. Do not support animal testing. We can find a miscellany of people who do not consume meat but who conduct various experiments on animals. You can create leaflets and distribute them to others so that everyone knows that you do not support animal testing.
  6. Inform others. Many people are unaware of the cruelty imposed on animals every day. Thus, you should raise people's awareness about animal abuse by distributing brochures and enlightening them on the problem what they can do to stop it.
  7. Appeal to your congressman or senator. Show that you are not impartial to animal protection issue.