The Importance of Reflective Essay Examples

The Principal Point of a Reflective Essay

This point is you! When it comes to writing a reflective essay, you’re the center of it, because it’s all about your experience. Actually, it is quite evident from the title of this essay type, isn’t it? The main goal that professors and tutors set when assigning a reflective essay is to define the level of critical thinking and writing skills of the student. That is why this type of task is assigned so often.

Many students think that choosing a good topic for a reflective essay is not that important. To tell the truth, there’s a certain sense in this statement. However, this idea is only 50% true, because only when students choose the topic that they find interesting and engaging, they are able to get much better results compared to writing an essay on the topic in regards to which they feel totally indifferent. Writing on a topic that can’t engage you leads to flat and emotionless essays, which can never get you a good grade.

Top 6 Tips to Write an Excellent Reflective Essay

All experts use these 6 tips to write great reflective essays. Use them to deliver impressive results:

  1. Rely on your personal feelings and thoughts about the topic and develop your own questions;
  2. Basing on the answers to these questions, write a thesis statement in one sentence;
  3. Compose an outline to support your view and align your arguments;
  4. Support your arguments with facts, but make sure that you’re focused on your feelings;
  5. Follow the standard structure – write an essay with the introductory part, the main body and conclusions;
  6. Utilize stylistic devices in order to enrich your essay with vivid images.

Looking through reflective essay examples will help you to understand how these tips can be incorporated in practice.

Reflective Essays and Project Writing

Many reflective essay examples are taken from dissertations and other academic projects. They may involve failures, successes and achievements of the students during their work on the project. When utilizing such an approach, it is advisable to always stay focused on your final goal and keep your thesis statement in mind. Have you proven it right or wrong? Was it valuable and influential or flat and senseless? Be very conscious about answering these questions.

In many cases, composing a thoughtful and capacious academic paper is one of the ways to approach the notion of how to write a reflective essay.

The Importance of Using Sample Essays

The experience of many students proves that using sample reflective essays during the writing process is very beneficial. And they are right! Essay samples can help you to save some time and understand how decent reflective essays are written. You will understand how to format, structure and share personal feelings correctly. They can also help you to avoid typical mistakes and write clean and compelling reflective essays that will win the highest marks.