How to Stick to a Healthy Diet

The statistics of the World Health Organization show that in nowadays world, cardiovascular disease is one of the main reasons for deaths, especially in highly developed countries. According to experts, it mostly stamps from unhealthy eating and this is not only applicable to cardiovascular diseases. Just for the record, around 90% of diseases are directly influenced by bad eating.

People who stick to a healthy lifestyle have proved first-hand that it is possible to live more than 80 years and at the same time, remain active and healthy. An integral part of healthy living is a well-balanced and healthy diet which everyone can choose on their own basing on general rules of healthy eating and taking into consideration the needs of their body.

The prime principle of healthy eating is to consume food enriched with useful vitamins and microelements as much as possible. It means consuming more seasonal vegetables, fruits, and berries to avoid having a vitamin deficiency which often occurs in spring. Additionally, one should also minimize the consumption of animal fats by partially substituting them for oils. The consumption of sugary and salty products should also be minimized. A feasible way-out is to replace sweets with honey and dried fruit and salt with spices.

Adhering to a well-balanced diet is simple. Just do the following:

  • learn how to cook healthy food;
  • stick to a few simple rules of eating;
  • consume only fresh, healthy products.

Here are the main rules of healthy eating one can make a point of:

  • Limit animal fat consumption.
  • Consuming more products high in saturated fatty acids, such as Omega 3 (red fish, vegetable oils, nuts).
  • Eat products with fiber (cereals, vegetables, fruits, etc).
  • Eat freshly cooked food.
  • Do not use butter for frying and exclude margarine from your diet.
  • Quit eating too salty dishes.
  • Substitute milk for consumed milk products (kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk).
  • Meat, fish, and poultry should be freshly prepared with herbs and vegetables.
  • Make a point of eating a salad of fresh vegetables or fruit salad daily.

In order to make this diet work, one should also minimize the consumption of such products as sugar, salt, smoked and fried dishes, fatty pork, canned goods, etc.

It is undeniable that full rejection of unhealthy foods requires possessing a huge will power. However, if you can lift your mood by eating a piece of cake, do not worry. Stress can inflict much more negative effects on your body than a cake. Strive to have a stress-free life, as it is a key rule of healthy living.

The importance of healthy eating in our life is impossible to overestimate. Almost all health problems stamp from our inability or reluctance to stick to a healthy diet. Healthy diet together with regular exercise can significantly reduce the risk of chronic diseases and disorders such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. Eat healthy food and you will experience the benefits of a well-balanced diet first-hand.