The Importance of Education for Nation's Well-Being

Nation’s prosperity and growth can be evaluated depending on its people’s degree of literacy and education. The higher literacy rate the nation has, the more prosperity it brings to its citizens. The countries should invest more in the development of their educational system to get reputable positions in the world. The majority of the third world countries lack educated and skilled human resource. For this reason, they are forced to import skillful human resource for the industries, which require high expenses. When the society is well-educated, the nation is independent of its need of skillful human resource, so it does not have to invest on importing resources.

Additionally, the high level of education encourages the skill of innovation. The government of each country knows the problems that exist and the resources available to the country. Due to this knowledge, they can innovate numerous useful things and create new fields and industries that will lead to the development of the country. Education does not only benefit every country materially but also increases its morale. In the educated society, people know their norms and values and follow the laws of the country, and therefore, every citizen becomes the guardian of the law. As a result, it brings peace to the entire region.

Due to education, people grow up with high values and morals. This means, education prevents people from doing unethical deeds, which are unacceptable to the society. Education helps broaden one’s mind and makes the person perceive other points of view and beliefs more open-heartedly. It is known that in the countries with a low educational level, most people often do not accept opinions of other people who contradict their viewpoints. Because of this, people’s behavior in such regions is often quite rude. When all the people in the society are well-educated and share a high intellectual level, it creates harmonious relations among them. This significantly benefits the entire nation because every person strives to get more knowledge to become a smarter and better person.

Moreover, due to the enrichment of the educational system, people become more adaptive to any changes and they are not afraid to take a risk and try something new, which, in result, helps them develop themselves and consequently increase the development of the whole nation.

It can be said that the building of a highly developed nation is correlated with the educational level in the country. Every nation should find a way to develop its education and invest a significant part of its resources in this important field.