Example of Cause and Effect Essay

A cause and effect essay is work, in which it is told about why this or that situation is happening. The main reasons that influence it are explained. The topic of air pollution is very relevant in our time. Consider an example of cause and effect essay on this important theme.

The Problem of Air Pollution and the Causes of Its Occurrence

Atmospheric Pollution

The atmosphere is the shell of the globe, which protects the Earth from overheating. This is the air that people, animals, plants breathe. If there were no atmosphere, the daily amplitude of the temperature fluctuation would reach 2000 ° C. The layer of ozone in the atmosphere protects living organisms from the deadly radiation of the Sun and space. The current composition and condition of it formed over millions of years. Now it needs help.

Natural Pollution

Consider the causes and consequences of air pollution. The pollution of the atmosphere can be natural and man-made. Natural pollution of the atmosphere occurs during the eruption of volcanoes, dust storms, forest fires arising from lightning. There are always different bacteria in the air, in particular, those that cause disease, as well as spores of fungi. However, they can disappear eventually and do not have a big effect on the composition of atmospheric air.

Man-Made Pollution

At the present stage of the development of humankind, irreparable damage was caused by synthetic pollution of the atmosphere. The person is to blame for this, so he has to stop the negative processes. Otherwise, humanity can disappear together with plants and animals, the planet will become unfit for life.

The activities of industrial enterprises that pollute the atmosphere with poisonous gases. For example, sulfur gas when burning coal; carbon disulfide and hydrogen sulfide during the production of man-made fibers. The source of dust is thermal power plants. When burning 2000 tons of coal (a small power plant), 400 tons of ash and 120 tons of sulfur gas are emitted into the air per day.

Intensive development of motor vehicles leads to the fact that millions of tons of harmful gases enter the atmosphere, including annually from the erasing of automobile tires - 50 million tons of rubber dust.

Radioactive pollution of the atmosphere because of accidents at power plants and nuclear explosions also had a very negative effect on the condition of air.

How to Overcome Air Pollution

Methods of overcoming air pollution can be divided into three main groups:

Rational use of fuel and the creation of purification facilities.

Improvement of production technologies and vehicles. The cars working on gas, the energy of solar batteries are created.

Development of the planning of settlements - from the city to the village. Increasing the area of green spaces.

Undoubtedly, this will require the unification of the efforts of countries around the world. Many countries have adopted laws on the protection of atmospheric air. The problem of air pollution is relevant and dangerous today, so everyone should think about what he or she can do to change this situation.