The primary purpose of this journal is to analyze the essay about the intriguing person including the interview and personal observations based on the detailed descriptions and essential elements that refer to the main character’s life. It was necessary to acquaint the audience with some new experience in the interview conduction and writing by providing appropriate exploration of the topic in an interesting way. The essay should inform the reader about the present option to understand the content and its implication. The main purpose of this observation is to learn the subject very closely as it will allow the reader to perceive the main idea of the presented story better.

This writing assignment not only teaches how to gather information and analyze the received facts performing an ordinary field research, but it also requires organizing the data in one text called essay. It relates to the research project as it is essential to unite all the details, dialogues, and even minor words together because they help inform and entertain the reader respectively. The essay allows examining and evaluating the work based on the interview with a neighbor. The point is that the audience is unfamiliar with the chosen subject, and it makes the story more intriguing and catching. In such a way, the essay is well-structured as it contains an interesting title, a proper introduction with a precise thesis, the main body, and a needed conclusion.

The title of the essay seems to be simple and unusual at the same time as it hides some important ideas. It attracts the reader’s attention immediately as its character compels him/her to think about the intriguing person becoming even more curious about the truth. Moreover, it is possible to assume that the title of the essay contains some irony as it is unknown whether a man is really a lucky person, or it is just mockery and sarcasm. In such a way, the title of the essay is very significant because it arranges the future information about the interviewee. It makes a particular impression of the subject, and the reader starts imagining the protagonist despite he/she does not have any slightest hint about the protagonist.

The beginning of the introduction has an amusing hook indicating that the theme will be promising and rather interesting to observe. The hook is “When you hurry to take a state examination or strike a business bargain of your life, and a car splashes you with mud, it means that you are a person of great luck”. Undoubtedly, it creates a vivid picture of the presented situation making the reader’s mood higher as the hook changes the tune and attitude to the whole story. As the hook contains the light elements of humor, it conveys high spirits and cheerfulness. In this case, it is very vital as the introduction is one of the most essential parts of the essay. It is a so-called representation of the main theme and subject that must interest and intrigue the reader to learn the essay thoroughly. In addition, the introduction brings an intriguing person to life for the reader who does not know any simple detail about him/her and even does not suppose the initial idea of the text. It captures the reader’s interest making him/her concentrate on the subject as it causes even some provocative questions concerning an intriguing person.

The introduction presents a clear thesis, which is the central idea of the story as it contributes to the central idea of the reader’s perception and understanding. The thesis is “In such a way, John (the name of the neighbor) claims that life is full of icing on a cake; it often presents its surprises, but it is worth living to struggle with life’s gifts”. It tells the reader what he/she must expect in the plot while reading and observing every part of the content. The sentence is written at the end of the introductory paragraph, and it contains the precise words stating the purpose of the essay. The thesis also includes a metaphor “life is full of icing on a cake”, and it lends the subject some humorous and redeeming features.

The main body of the essay is organized chronologically presenting all the relevant information that supports the thesis statement and the theme in general. It consists of the sixth paragraphs, with the appropriate supporting topic sentences that help interpret the central idea of the essay. These are the topic sentences: “Memories of the happy childhood stay forever, as they are an integral part of every person”, “Time stopped due to the existent harmony”, “Life seemed eternal during that period”, “The period of studying was a special time in John’s life as he changed universities in order to realize what he was looking for”, “Life is wonderful, and it is necessary to enjoy every moment of the day, as everything is essential”, and “Life can be difficult at times, but any hobby can simplify life and constant problems”. According to the topic sentences, the reader learns facts about the life of the main character as every sentence precisely explains its meaning to an intriguing person. All of them are connected with each other as they depict the protagonist’s sacred moments of life step by step.

The text is based on the interview. Therefore, it includes summary of the personal data, different paraphrases, some particular details, and one quotation about the importance of patience. The quotation is “patience is the last key that opens doors”. In the first three paragraphs of the body, the reader gets acquainted with the character’s childhood being able to feel all five senses making him/her plunge into the world of imagination based on the past events. The reader can see a honey copse near the lake, hear the buzz of the bees, smell beautiful roses and their charming fragrance, feel nature, and even taste a piece of sausage when John was on board the plane. Next paragraphs are full of humor, which is an integral part of the essay. The point is that the sense of humor makes this story easy to read and understand the implication of the narrator better. Additionally, the text contains such various details as the location of the valuable places, nature, and the description of the flight that covers the whole story completing the central idea. As for the conclusion, it summarizes the main idea of the narrator restating the interpretation of the thesis. Following all these points, it is possible to state that the structure of the essay is good as the sentences are complex, and every paragraph interacts with another one. The plot of the essay represents an intriguing person according to his attitude to life and his interests based on humor and joy.

In conclusion, the essay writing is the sharpened and concentrated expression of numerous thoughts and ideas that assist to create a particular theme and explore it from the very beginning to the end of the story. Writing develops not only writing skills, but it improves the perception of the world increasing critical abilities in a proper way. Gradually, writing boils down to the development of the desired idea, which is important just for the chosen topic. It explains that it is necessary to persuade the reader in the importance of the presented idea as he/she expects something unique and impressive. Additionally, writing sticks with precise vital determination that refers to the specific points of development demanding tight organization and constant control. Undoubtedly, the process of writing was difficult, but it is worth spending much time on the preparation in order to write an interesting essay. Thus, it requires much patience, knowledge and certainly, some experience. It is true that patience is the last key that opens doors; knowledge is power, but experience is a priceless thing as it appears after hard work throughout a long period.