Maya Angelou

Education has become part and parcel in our daily lives. No one wants to stay without education because such a person is unlikely to fit in the society or if he or she does, both can't be compared with an educated person. That is how nature defines us when it comes to knowledge. Furthermore, that is why each and every person strives so much in life to make sure they get the education needed so as to be knowledgeable in life and get the respect needed in the society that tends to discriminate uneducated person. Some start acquiring knowledge from baby, class they go a head to the primary level, high school level to the universities or college level. It is here a person a students defines his or her future career.

Some might decide to be lawyers, others doctors while other professors but all that maters is what most of the students are interested in and what makes that person comfortable. Interestingly, it is the part where the students decide whether the career he or she has undertaken should be on a diploma, degree or masters level (Bmcc, par 8). Those who manage to do the masters are always lucky in the society because even getting the needed jobs is much easier and that is why you find most parents encourage their children to work hard as they focus on the master's level. With this success would have been achieved. As Maya Angelou was ones quoted, "Success is loving life and daring to live it." Therefore this is what is needed to be put into consideration in life. That is why in this research paper, the focus is on those traits that defines one to be a masters students.

However, as Frank Moore Colby puts it, "Every man ought to be inquisitive through every hour of his great adventure down to the day when he shall no longer cast a shadow in the sun. For if he dies without a question in his heart, what excuse is there for his continuance?" and that is why being an Inquisitive student as per they saying above when undertaking a masters degree is very important in life. By this we mean such a student should focus a head by becoming so curious about everything in life especially those that seem to impact some knowledge in him. Such a student should be very active especially everywhere whereby he or she should ask questions which are meant to generate some clarification of which is explained, can lead to better understanding of the material needed. Such a student should also be able to focus in whatever he or she does and also the surrounding. This is a very important aspect when it comes to a student pursuing his masters because he can't be compared with that person who is in high school level or that person undertaking his degree in the university (Toft Et al. 94). They should become absorbed in the process or activity by keeping their attention absolutely focuses in the here and now.

To be a master's student, one needs to be organized and be able to sort out the concerned matters especially when it comes to education. By this, what is meant is that such a student should be able to take a large body of information and shift through it so as to discover the relationship between those information presented to him. Such a student should be able to play with the needed information, organize the pieces of up-to-date when it comes to its size, color, order, weight and any other categories.

Becoming a master's student, one needs to be competent by being the masters of skills. When for example, they learn about formulas and then they need to focus on them very attentively so that they can make them their second nature in life. This is a very important aspect especially for that student who wants to achieve the best in future. This is because nowadays even in career wise, competition is everywhere but this one is normally encouraged to the school goers.

Self-questioning is another factor to that student who wants to pursue masters. Here, what matters is self examination or self evaluation. However such students should be in a position of offering some willingness of evaluating their persons as they also focus on their behavior. This should be done every now and then as a matter of gauging themselves when it comes to academics.

Another quality of a master's student is intuitive. This is whereby a student has a sense that is normally beyond the needed logic. Such students should have self confidence by trusting their feelings as they work hard to develop the needed sense.

Being a master's student means also being creative in every aspect of their lives. Such students are in the position of gathering some small pieces of information or knowledge from a wide range of subjects recollects them together in another innovative or new way. This becomes a bigger challenge to those students who sees that as dull and trivial elements of which to a master's student and they do not appear as a challenge or a trivial element other than an open opportunity to create in their endeavors.

When it comes to nature and comfortability of life, such students who do masters are always willing to be uncomfortable in life for the benefit of succeeding in life. They have got no such desires of being comfortable. To them, when discomfort is necessary to reach a goal, they are always ready to experience it or to endure the challenge.

Nevertheless, apart from being uncomfortable, master's students are also willing to let go of the ideas. To them, whatever idea or thoughts they posses, they do not consider them to be of themselves. Furthermore, they have got no time of hanging on the idea as if that idea is the survival or the ideas is synonymous with their own survival. However, when you compare those who are pursuing master's with the high school level, such students who do masters are always open to the new ideas.

It is because of that reason that a masters student is recommended this trait of happiness through things such as laughter and their sense of humor by laughing at themselves. This refreshes their minds since this is a sign of self confidence and enjoyment in whatever they do.

However, since knowledge is power and whoever gets it enjoys it fruits afterwards, when it comes to this knowledge, master's student should be very hungry for it. They should approach learning with the desire of learning itself.

Hard work when it comes to learning is the key thing any student can ever achieve in life especially when it comes to success A masters student should and they are always willing to work hard in life. They always recognize that genius and creativity are as a result of persistence and hard work.

Attentiveness to knowledge especially when it comes to learning is another very important characteristic of a master's student. This one defines his or her success in life (Maya, par 9). That is why every student especially when you are in the high school level, they are always encouraged to be more attentive in class since this is one of the requirement of a masters student.

Participation in class and educational debates especially when one is doing his masters is also very important. This gauges one in gauging himself with the kind of knowledge such a person posses and motivates its esteem and the self confidence in such a person and this should be adopted by the high school students.

A masters student also posses an adult trait of being responsible both in his studies or life. Responsibility defines ones self in terms of how such a person is organized both academically and the future life.

Being self-aware of whatever you undertake is one of the key responsibilities of a master's student. This shows the maturity in a person and how that student is able to handle some matters and make some decision on his or her own without relying on anybody.

With the new innovations when it comes to the academic world. A master's student should be prepared to adapt to those changes. He or she should be aware in terms of being updated with knowledge (Bilanich, Par 7). That is why a student who is in high school level cannot be compared as to that one who is in masters because a high school student always waits for the teacher to update him with the new syllabus and the thinking capacity of an high school person has not yet matured fully like that of a masters student.

Having energy and a healthy mind is one of the qualities of a master's student. This enables one to think faster and also acquire knowledge fast. Relaxation and exercises are very important to such a person because, he is ready to accumulate any kind of knowledge that may be given to him any time and that is how a master's student should look like.

A master's student is always prepared to take risk when undertaking a given discovery when it comes to knowledge. Like a journalist who is covering a story in country where war is the story of the day, a masters student believes that taking risk in the discovery of knowledge gives him the opportunity to learn new things in life and opens his brain and that is why high school students are always taken through a channel of discovery by the use of experiments so as to prepare those who are willing to pursue the masters degree.

Nevertheless, another characteristic that goes hand in hand with that of taking risk is that of hardship. One may confuse hardworking and hardship but the two words have a completely different meaning (Fortune, par 8). Going through hardship is the extend a masters student can read despite the challenges in life such as lack of enough finances in their lives to keep them going, others lack reading materials but such people are always determined to work an extra mile so as to achieve their set goals.

Spontaneous is another characteristic of a master's student. This means such a student should have some knowledge within himself to prove that he or she is worth with him or her being considered a masters student. High school s level students are always encouraged to develop their own positive knowledge since such knowledge can turn out to be a new innovation of a new idea.

Being general with knowledge imposed to that person is another important aspect in life. This shows how a master's student is very ready in adapting new information or idea within all concerned subjects that seems to come his way whether it is small or whether they are pieces of information.

Relaxation without fear is what is required in a master's student. This shows some confidence in such a person and also relieves the mind of that student to be able to handle any kind of small information that tends to come his way and reading also becomes easier to such a person.

"Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can't practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage." as once said by Maya Angelou. This virtue is what most of those student who pursue their masters always respect because without any courage, progressing in life will become a hurdle thing in life. To be a master's student, such a virtue is needed as characteristics that are meant to guide a person into achieving whatever he is aspiring in life and this is what the teachers and our elders in the society encourage most in the society.

A master's student should also posses the characteristic of listening to different judgments when it comes to views about information. However, such a person is always ready to accommodate whatever views that are being expressed from different angles before making any other kind of decision in their own especially when it comes to knowledge wise. As the saying goes "Seek advice from the majority but never let anyone make decision for you other than yourself" (Angelou, par 4). Is what is always encouraged when a person is a high school level and the society also encourages so.

With the above characteristics discussed widely, it is quite clear for a high school level student to consider them since they can act as a motivation to the goal achievement in life. One leaving legend who has succeeded in life and motivated most people globally is Maya Angelou, through his success especially the writing materials, it has become a motivational legend and most of the leaders are following that trend and for the young, they should follow such a direction since those are the requirements needed in the masters level.

In conclusion, to be successful in life, one need to be clear about what he intends to achieve in life. Such a person needs to define what success means to them personally. They should create a vivid mental image of the success in their lives as they clarify their personal values. Figuring out what such a person loves should be considered first. This can be conquered by the words of Maya Angelou who says, "When you love something, you recognize no barriers, jump hurdles, leap fences and penetrate walls to do what you are meant to do. When you love something this much, you have a clear purpose for your life".