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Demography and Health

There is nothing as thrilling as the demography and health course. The course has been instrumental in instilling appropriate skills, abilities and knowledge in the field. It is through course that I have gained the analytical skills, key concepts in health care and demography. Most important, through the course, I can now properly disseminate information and appropriately adhere to the skills and knowledge of the health care.

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The researches that we conducted in class have facilitated the application and relating of theories learnt in class. Availability of resources facilitated a clear understanding the topics of the course. It has been possible to analyze the effects that mortality, migration and fertility affect the population structure of a community (Pol & Thomas, 2001).
Also, I find the course effective because most of the topics were adequately identified and implemented.

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However, there are some courses that I did not adequately cover, such as, research on population, historical population trends in developed and developing countries. I, therefore, recommend that students be exposed to more research exercises, web resources, video clips and presentations so as to gain adequate skills and be more effective in the field.

The course is a stepping stone to prepare for my future career and handle the 21st century effectively. This is done through the application of knowledge and skills acquired of the course in the day to day issues. Research and analytical skills should be demonstrated on demographic and health issues in the society (Pol & Thomas, 2001).

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Moreover, the effects of the course can be measured by the policies, solutions and decisions made in the field in future.
I have achieved the course objectives because of hard work, determination and the passion that I demonstrated in the course. The resources provided were also helpful in the achievement of the course objectives and this is a positive.

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