Healthy Eating and Exercising


Healthy eating and exercising of our bodies plays an integral part in enhancing a good lifestyle free from health problems. The kinds of foods that we eat today have a great impact on how we perform at work and as well as how equipped we are in maintaining our body's conditions.  Research indicates that depending on how we take care of our bodies through healthy eating and exercising, we are in a better position to prevent and control most of the diseases that affect many people.  Most of the modern diseases such as cancer, diabetes, blood pressure and other heart related diseases can be directly be associated with lack of exercise and poor eating patterns. On the other hand most people tend to consume fast foods that contain a lot of sugar and saturated with fats which are responsible for causing obesity and overweight healthy conditions. As if that one is not enough, most people consume foods that contain more carbohydrates and proteins more than what our bodies require thus increasing the number of people with problems of weight management. The excess carbohydrates and proteins are converted to fats and lipids by the body and transported to various deposit tissues in the body where they are stored for future oxidation. Prolonged accumulation of such fat and lipids in the body result to overweight conditions which eventually trigger weight associated diseases.

Healthy eating and exercising have been found to contribute to a number of benefits in our body as follows:

Weight management:  Feeding our bodies on a balanced diet containing proteins, carbohydrates and mineral salts allows as maintaining a healthy condition of our bodies as well as control body weight. It is also beneficial to exercise our bodies so that to burn out all the unnecessary calories and fats in the body to avoid accumulation of fats and lipids in the body. Exercising also helps in improving blood circulation hence enhancing our thinking ability.

Improved skin complexities: Feeding on balanced diets help in nourishing the skin by providing it with all the nutrients required for its growth and development. A skin that is well hydrated, nourished and taken care of is supple and has an even tone complexion which indicates that one is following a healthy diet pattern.

Protection from diseases: Healthy eating and exercising helps in preventing and controlling diet related diseases such as cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure, just to mention but a few. A healthy person has strong immunity system that is in a position to fight against infections causing micro-organism. Research indicates that prolonged healthy eating has been responsible in reducing the occurrence of diet related diseases such as diabetes and cancer among the aging population.

Increased energy: Healthy eating and exercising helps to boost the energy level in the body. Persons who follow healthy eating are in a position to engage in vigorous activities such as swimming and running without being exhausted compared to persons who consume unbalanced diet. The body is in a position to oxidise the stored fats and lipid stored in the deposit tissue to energy thus enhancing performance of the individual. It allows also quickly recovery of the body from tiredness as it is coupled with adaptive mechanism and adequate supply of nutrients to rejuvenate it. This means that the body is not constrained in trying to maintaining its operation levels following such an activity.

Improve sleeping patterns: Healthy eating and exercising is responsible for improving sleeping patterns at night. By consuming the right amount of food during the day, our bodies tend to be more relaxed at night because it is not required to digest or excrete the toxic materials found in fast foods. There is also adequate follow of blood to all parts of the body especially the brain thus enhancing elimination of accumulated waste materials from the body which may lead to fatigue.

The knowledge of healthy eating and exercising has helped in preventing and controlling most of the diet related  diseases  and maintain a healthy body free from infections.  Through monitoring our eating habits we can be in a position to enjoy healthy eating free from risk of being overweight and other weight management problems. The knowledge if well harnessed can be of great importance in solving problems associated with such practices in the society.


They are energy producing nutrients in our bodies especially during strenuous exercise. Carbohydrates provide most fuel, more nutritional value and satiety. Vegetables and fruits helps in reinstating the original position of the body after a strenuous exercise. They also replenish the lost energy and mineral salts from the body. Furthermore, they are also responsible for healing, helping of recovery from fatigue and prevent the risk of being attacked by high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes diseases.  During anaerobic exercise the body converts glycogen sugar in absence of oxygen from carbohydrates thus depleting the glycogen deposit. To counteract this effect the body requires to convert more carbohydrates to glycogen so that to maintain its operational level. One of the most important types of carbohydrate that replenish the lost energy is high glycemic index carbohydrates. It is highly preferred because it has high potential in raising the glucose level in the blood after such energy demanding activities.


Proteins help in repairing of worn out and damaged in the body as well as building more cells in the body. Accumulation of more proteins in the body is converted by enzymes to fats and lipid which are then transported to deposit tissues in the body. After depletion of energy in the body, the stored proteins are converted to glycogen which in turn reinstates the glucose level in the blood. Deficiency of protein of in the body is responsible for extreme and early fatigue, long recovery period and prolonged healing of wounds.  Research also indicates that when the body is not in a position to generate more proteins internally, it will be obtained from lean tissues thus causing gaunt diseases in people. Proteins are also responsible for building body muscle that can withstand strenuous activities without be easily destroyed.


On the other hand fats play a crucial role in supplementing energy in the body. They are also responsible for providing warmth in the body during the process of oxidation. Most of the healthy problems we have today emanates from large accumulation of fats in the deposit tissues.  The body has more food nutrients than it requires functioning which means that the excess nutrients are converted to fats and lipids. Accumulation of fats along the blood vessels and respiratory system is the root cause of high blood pressure and other heart related diseases among the people today. However, fats on the other hand help in providing more energy to the body after depletion of carbohydrates.  They are first converted to glycogen by the enzymes which in turn is oxidised to glucose responsible for provision of energy in the body muscle.

Other supplements such as mineral salts help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle free from diseases through exercising and healthy eating. Following an intense activity body tissues are worn out and are supposed to be repaired. Vitamin E and other antioxidants help in preventing more damage of muscle. Through engaging in running activity as a form of exercising, the body is in a position to maintain a balance between all these nutrients that there is no occurrence of healthy issues due poor eating patterns. 

Maintaining ones weight should be geared towards healthy living.  Most of the modern diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure and other heart related diseases affecting many people today, emanates from poor mode of eating and lack of exercising. Most people are not carefully enough to monitor what kind of foods they consume and what implications such diets have on their body. On the other hand we do feed on more food than our bodies do required to function effectively thus causing obesity and other weight related implication.

 This in turn destabilizes the balances that do exist between the amount of energy required by the body as input and the one consumed by the body as output.  Although there are various factors ranging from biological, socially, environmental, metabolism and habits contributing to emergence of overweight in the society. The problem can be resolved if we perform the following:

First, ensure that we follow healthy eating that encompasses monitoring what we consume in relation to the ratio that our body requires. Secondly, exercise our bodies regular so that to remain physically fit and burn the excess amount of calories. Thirdly, ensure that we do not remain in active for a long period of time as this makes our bodies to accumulate toxic material that interferences with the body functioning.

Maintaining or attaining lean weight is a simple process that requires one to follow strictly the instruction to the later. It does not involve a lot of commitment but the change in one's lifestyle and attitude in relation to weight maintenance. For example it is professionally recommended that an obese person should lose 1 to 2 pounds every week. Losing more weight over a short duration is not recommended as it may lead to the negative implication on the body. On the other before engaging a losing weight programme it will be appropriate to consult a physician to advice you on which method is appropriate.

The concept  about weight maintenance cannot be undertaken for granted as it equips one with skills and knowledge  of living a healthy life free from diseases associated with poor eating and lack of exercise. The acquired knowledge empowers one to take care of his or her body for sustainable performance and productivity in the society. One is well trained on how to deal with problems associated with poor eating and exercising so that to avoid that lifestyle that may expose one to such dangers. Most of the problems faced by man emanate within the society setting and issues of weight maintenance are no exception.

Society through its culture, norms, beliefs and values substantially contributes to healthy problems associated with poor eating habits and lack of exercising. With the introduction of science and technology more people would prefer to eat fast foods as a way of showing modernization.

In return many young people have developed healthy problems due to consumption of fat saturated foods that cause heart diseases. Consequently, most people do not have knowledge concerning matters to do with weight maintenance. With such knowledge and skills one is in a better position to educate other members of the society on the various to ways of achieving healthy living free from diseases. If well harnessed it can act as business opportunity where the individual can charge some fee for rendering such services.

The progress and attainment of desired goals has not been a smooth journey as such. It has had many challenges but due determination and hard work we have overcome them. The outcome of the exercise can be termed as being successful in the sense that it has changed my way of addressing issue related to healthy eating and exercising. I have been in a position to hold a different opinion to matters that deal with poor eating and use the acquired knowledge and skills in addressing such problems in the society. The knowledge has also helped me to change my mode of feeding from consuming Jung foods to a balanced diet that enhance body performance.

With such rich knowledge and skills I intend to change the world into a better place free from healthy problems through education and seminars that aim at impacting knowledge to the entire community.

In conclusion by joining   hands and mobilizing our efforts in addressing the issue of nutrition and performance in the society, not only shall we be preventing diet related illness but also save the future generation from such epidemic.