Eating is the biggest cause of diseases, disability, and deaths in the universe. A healthy eating can reduce your risk of illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer as well as defend against depression and other diseases related to bad eating habit. The movie brings about the changes that have taken place in eating habit of the American people. Before 1900 diseases like heart problems, cancer and diabetes were very rare and were only confined to the wealthy Americans, but due to changes in the eating habit everything changed and the above diseases are now the biggest threats of human life in the American history and the world at large (Anderson).


Eating is the biggest cause of disease, disability in US today. Anderson claims that eating habit kills two to three American every year, and this has left the health physician to conclude that the American eating habit is officially suicidal. The government has come up with health diet guidelines, but still people are dying of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and several other illnesses just because of following the same guidelines. For example, the case of Joseph Crowe, M.D. Cleveland Clinic Foundation who died of heart disease at the age of 44 following the same guidelines. Many American have died for not following the doctor's guidelines.

Before 1900, heart disease was not even included in the medical textbooks and other diseases like cancer and diabetes were rare, and confined to the wealthy class only because the lower class could not afford their lifestyle. Meat, eggs, fish, and other dairy products were uncommon to the ordinary American. The grains, bread, potatoes, beans, and vegetables were a major food for the ordinary American. In the 20th century, people changed their eating habit. This was attributed by the fact that animal food became affordable, and the Americans changed from plant-based diet to animal-based diet thus leading to eating related diseases. In the last half a century, the American doubled their animal food consumption until the average American ate more meat than they weighed, i.e. 225 pounds of meat every year. By the year 2000, the diet had completely been turned upside down, the heart disease rose to number one killer and diseases like cancer, diabetes became a household name.

In US today, every school child has some signs of heart disease, and many are taking cholesterol lowering drugs. According to Anderson, 85 percent of adults suffer from heart problems and half of the population will die prematurely because of heart disease, and 40 percent will develop a life threatening cancer courtesy of bad eating habit.

Some of the disorders related to bad eating habit include; heart disease, cancer, acne, allergies, anemia,  angina, appendicitis, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, asthma, back problems, bedwetting cataracts, diabetes, ear infections, gout and many others.

America was not left alone, when people of the parts of the world abandoned their plant base styles and started eating like Americans they started dying like Americans. The pattern is obvious when people abandon plant-based food and adopt animal-based food heart disease and cancer becomes a serious killer. This is happening in Japan and china and diseases that were considered American are spreading in an alarming pace.

The one thing that animal-based foods do best is kill people it does this by clogging arteries and hindering the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body. Eating animal food causes fat and cholesterol buildup in your blood hence hindering the flow of blood.

Almost all Americans have heart disease throughout their body. The cause of clogged arteries is cholesterol, which is only gotten from animal-based foods. Animal foods close arteries while plant food open arteries. The switch from the plant diet to animal diet has become the biggest disaster in human history.


Eating healthy is not just about losing your ability to enjoy luxury. It is a matter of gaining several things that will have an impact on your life forever. For instance, the ability to enjoy natural foods, clearing of blood vessels, more oxygen in body, stronger immunity, less cancer/disease friendly, less toxin and hormones, lower blood pressure, stronger bones, long life, a wholesome sense of self esteem and the joy of respecting your body for all that it does for you. The closer you get to fully plant-based diet, i.e. no animal foods, no refined foods, no vegetable oils, no exceptions, and doing exercises the closer you get to a healthy life. Diet is the only cure for the immune system and it is brought about by turning to plant-based foods.