Change Initiative: Creating Vision

Vibra Specialty Hospital of Desoto is dedicated to offering quality healthcare to patients with a wide range of medical needs. The healthcare facility is devoted to the creation, development, and acquisition of freestanding medical rehabilitation hospitals and the long-term acute care hospital (LTAC) (Vibra Healthcare, n.d.). The business development bases on the creation of alliances and joint ventures within the served markets. It ensures market penetration and managed care continuity. Therefore, census development and economic success accelerate. Vibra Healthcare is placed to be a leader in the enhancement and operation of freestanding specialty facilities. The management boasts extensive knowledge in the development and running of freestanding facilities (Vibra Healthcare, n.d.). The partnerships of Vibra Healthcare facility enable it to give high-value specialty services that meet the unique needs of the patients and physicians. A seamless continuum for patients and physicians thrives in that way (Vibra Healthcare, n.d.). The mission of Vibra Healthcare facility focuses on the provision of optimal care and outcomes in an active environment to its patients in a manner that promotes innovation, progressive solutions, and healing.

The stakeholders at Vibra Healthcare facility include the management team and the community as a whole. The management team ensures the smooth running of the facility, including but not limited to financial management, hiring staff, legal issues, and business development. Patients who use the services of the facilities come from within the community. The physicians are a part of the stakeholders. They play an important role in the facility. There are different stakeholders due to the broad nature of the organization. Every stakeholder has a vital role to play. For the smooth running and success of Vibra Healthcare facility, all the stakeholders need each other to play their roles.

Vibra Healthcare’s management of its resources, the organizational structure, and organizational culture are among the internal factors affecting the organization. An organization, for instance, Vibra Healthcare facility has different stakeholders. As Hughes (2008) observes, the internal stakeholders, however, are decisive in contribution towards growth or failure. On the other hand, external forces originate from outside the organization and cause change within the organization. Competition, the state of the economy, technological change, prevailing political conditions, and social environment are some of the prominent external forces. Other facilities may come up within Desoto, Texas offering services similar to those offered by Vibra Healthcare facility. The new facilities and their services are an external force that ultimately affects the way Vibra Healthcare operates to withstand the emanating competition. The U.S. economy usually experiences turbulences, and frequent declines affect the cost of doing business. The facility will not bear the burden alone but rather share it with the patients and staff. The hospitals equipment used by the physicians at Vibra Healthcare facility may become outdated due to technological advancement. Patients will not come to a facility with old equipment but rather go to other hospitals. When technology beats any organization, it goes out of business.

When the culture and structure of an organization become jeopardized, the organization's existence is threatened. Each and every organization requires smooth running to function properly. There have to be set rules and guidelines that govern each organization. For instance, if the finance department mismanages funds or the lead counsel advises the hospital wrongly, then the facility may end up losing a lot of money. The level of severity from forces within the organization always has a much bigger threshold compared to external issues. The survival of Vibra health service hinges on its structure, the way in which resources are managed, and its culture.

Competition affects every business venture. It is how competition is handled that determines the level of success or failure. Competition goes a long way to determine market prices for services delivered. It can also lead to possible business closure, since poor competitiveness leads to failure. Vibra Healthcare facility faces competition from facilities that offer the same services within and outside the United States. Other matters arising from the competition are the scope of practice, prescriptive authority, and collaborative practice. Competition leads to conflict within the organization, as issues on how to handle the situation arise. The human resource department at Vibra may have to lay off some workers due to increased budgets that cannot be sustained. The finance department will also be under immense pressure as to how to distribute the limited resources. Competition in the field of provision of healthcare services rises with changes in technology. The quality of offered services coupled with patient’s satisfaction determines the level of competitiveness in the healthcare field.

To adequately respond to the problem of competition, Vibra Healthcare facility must monitor its competition. The facility should analyze the competitors well and look into their marketing strategies to see which efforts works well and understand them. Moreover, Vibra Healthcare should consider the development of advertisements both print and on the Internet as a marketing tool. These methods would help in marketing and beating the competition. Based on Akalp’s (2012) suggestion, Vibra Healthcare facility should create a customer-centric culture. Apart from offering the healthcare services, Vibra has to adopt a friendly approach to treatment. A public relations department should be developed to deal with inquiries. The public relations department also has to advise the staff on how to handle their clients best to maintain long-term relationships.

The top management would play the biggest role in influencing changes within Vibra Healthcare facility. Therefore, the top management would display a positive vision for the suggested changes. The senior management looks at the bigger picture and visualizes the possibilities. The top management has a positive attitude towards change because of their broad awareness of the marketplace. Their competitive position and trust in themselves influence their decision. Because of their positions, the management team is tasked with generating a positive vision within Vibra and encourages trust during times of transition. The management team has access to capital for implementing various projects, and it is imperative that the management takes the responsibility positively. The physicians at Vibra Healthcare facility will respond with a degree of enthusiasm, since establishing a relationship with a patient helps in the healing process. Therefore, to develop a public relations department that assists the physicians with this job would be an added advantage to them. Some doctors are excellent physicians but poor at relating with patients. When taught a few ways of how to relate with patients, these physicians will increase output. It would bring changes that help them administer their duties well.

However, the creation of marketing and advertisement strategy might receive some opposition. At Vibra Healthcare facility, they consider themselves well marketed because of their presence in eighteen states. The management may deem this surplus to demands. The facility already has a website where all information is available. The finance department may find this to be a challenge for financial reasons. Again, not all employees will find relating to clients at a personal level easy. Some of them will view the change as a challenge to them. People’s personalities differ. For instance, the technicians at Vibra may see this new approach from their job security perspective. What happens to them if they do not comply will bother them. Also, some employees, such as technicians, may feel that they do not need to relate well with anyone because of the nature of their job.

The vision of Vibra will be to develop a global network of quality hospitals whose physicians directed services will enrich the life of patients by providing patient-focused programs, create innovative solutions, and provide customer-based solutions to rehabilitate acute patients. Vibra’s mission is to provide patient care with a degree of commitment and excellence dedicated towards patient wellness. The new vision will add proper customer relations as a means of attracting and keeping patients satisfied. While presenting this vision to stakeholders, the major points will be the level of customer satisfaction and development of internal equipment for treatment. It will save the organization additional costs and at the same time create revenue for Vibra.

The new vision at Vibra Healthcare facility will create employment and further profits for the organization. By incorporating customer relations department, the manner in which Vibra is represented will change. The adoption of the idea of manufacturing internal equipment may pose some challenges. Considering the vastness of available resources, proper consideration has to be made. If successful, the project will not only reduce the cost of doing business but also increase revenue for Vibra in the long run. The question of how to source capital for the developments would be dependent on the partnerships established by Vibra. The different partners who show interest in these ventures would help with financing. In the beginning, the whole staff at Vibra would have to work extra hours for which they will be compensated. As the projects pick the pace, personnel would be hired to carry out different duties that would be assigned later. The departments have to be organized according to the organizational culture at Vibra to ensure continued growth and development.