5 Wisdoms to Be Taught in Schools

Yesterday I turned 28. My anniversary made me think of the things I regret in life, and my findings urged me to write this article. Actually, there is not much I feel disappointed over in my life. Quite the contrary, I remember about my school life and the wisdom we were taught as young adults. There were not many of them, to be honest. Maybe teachers said something important that may have been used by us in the future life, but their words just did not stick in my mind. Today, I wish students were given more useful pieces of advice at schools so that they were able to have a clearer vision of their future.

The Pareto Principle

The rule says that only 20% of the activities we do in our lives are actually important. Other 80% is simply a waste of time. Knowing this rule, a person may significantly decrease the number of useless activities and spend time on something that really matters.

Parkinson’s Law

This law teaches us that many things actually take less time to be completed than we can predict. In other words, the task will seem more complex and time-consuming if you allow yourself more time to complete it. For example, if you plan to do a project within a week, it will torture your mind during 7 days until it is finished. On the contrary, if you do the project in one day, the process will go smoother and more easily.


Routine and boring tasks usually cause anxiety and lead to procrastination. The most effective way to deal with such tasks is batching them, which means completing them in a row. Indeed, you will be able to finish the tasks quicker because there will be almost no time for start-up. In addition, you will be more focused on the tasks if you do them in a row.

Get Value only after Giving it

Often we expect other people to give us something before we pay back. Nonetheless, if you want to obtain something really valuable from others (love, care, money, opportunities, etc.), it is vital to give them something they value. If you do not give first or appreciate what you are given in turn, you will soon end up receiving nothing.

Failures and Mistakes are Beneficial

A young person gets earning experience from his/her own mistakes and failures. Avoiding mistakes and failures because of fear to do something wrong or being laughed at is not an option. Remember that everyone has their own lives and troubles. So, your mistakes and failures matter only to you. What is more, the ability to overcome ordeals will make you a persistent and strong personality. 

Now what about you? Can you suggest some words of wisdom to be taught in schools? Feel free to share!