An Essay on Alcohol Addiction

In high school and college, students are frequently tasked with the assignment to write an essay on a controversial topic, such as drug addiction, euthanasia, the death penalty, etc. Although there is a lot to write about, such topics can be tricky because you have to refine and clearly explain your arguments. Below is a sample of an informative essay on drug addiction. In the introduction, it is important to define drug addiction, mention the drug that is going to be explained, and include a thesis statement as the last sentence of the paragraph. 

Introduction Sample

Have you become a victim of alcohol addiction or want to learn more about the impact alcoholism has on the human body? With the rates of alcohol addiction becoming higher in many countries, it is time to define whether alcohol could be categorized as a drug. A drug is a chemical substance that has a certain effect on human body and mind. Typically, drugs are used as medication but they can cause serious addiction. Under the influence of drugs, people experience excitement, relief of pain, the desire to sleep, and loss of senses. Since most of these characteristics pertain to alcohol, it can be classified as a drug. Therefore, alcohol abuse results in addiction, and if not treated, it causes irreversible damage to the brain and other vital organs. Alcoholism causes damage to one’s personality, leading to the gradual disintegration of social values.   

What to Write in the Body of the Paper?

In the body of the paper, you should include and explain the sub-claims that will support your central argument. In a nutshell, body paragraphs provide more details about the thesis statement and back them up with evidence. Ensure the accuracy of the evidence you include by only consulting reliable sources, such as scholarly books, peer-reviewed articles, governmental publications, etc. Although every point you mention has to be unique, all examples, quotes, and facts must be geared towards explaining your topic. For example:

Alcoholism can lead to physical injuries to a patient. Apart from injuries resulting from falls, alcohol abusers are prone to acquiring stomach and liver cancer, cirrhosis, and other conditions that require serious and lengthy treatment. In addition, alcohol hampers the process of nutrient digestion in the body, which, coupled with neurons destruction, makes it less healthy and leads to severe depression. A lack of immediate treatment leads to the addict’s death.

Normally, there are several body paragraphs in the essay. Remember that every paragraph should be dedicated to a different topic.

Alcohol addiction is a serious condition that harms not only the addict but also his/her closest environment. First, it leads to poverty in the family of the addict. According to the National Institute and Drug Abuse, the families suffering from alcohol addiction lose up to $ 100 billion. The families incur loses not only due to the cost of alcohol per se but also as the result of the addict’s unemployment and treatment expenditures.


End your essay with a powerful conclusion. Apart from restating the main argument, it’s a good idea to end the essay with a call for action.