Reflection Paper: Deity of Christ


The course has raised my awareness on what it entails to be a true Christian. There are two main concepts that have changed my perception and understanding of Christianity. These concepts are the Deity of Christ and Death. The deity of Jesus among the Christians is an important and non-negotiable belief. It is also known as the “divinity of Christ”. This doctrine, observed by all those who consider themselves as Christians, asserts that Jesus Christ was and is God incarnate. Just like apostle Paul stated in (Col.2:9 ESV) “the whole fullness of the deity dwells bodily”. Death is the only way for Christians to meet the Christ. It is the only way for Christians to go to heaven because death is not the ultimate end of life, but it is a transition to a higher experience.

Deity of Christ

The course has been an important tool for my better understanding of Deity of Christ. Christ’s Deity is an essential doctrine for Christians that can never be changed. Jesus Christ had a great ministry where he claimed to be God. In Colossians, we find Paul saying that the entire deity lives bodily. However, there is no single record in the Bible where Jesus would say that He is God. Jesus said during his teaching that He and His Father are one, which clearly confirms that He is God according to Deity of Christ. He shows He is a deity by implying that He is God. The great name, “I AM,” is constantly used by Jesus in His ministry to claim His greatness. Christ’s doctrine clearly states that God is one but in three distinct persons: Son, Father and Holy Spirit. The trinity holds the same truth as all distinct persons and that makes the trinity a complete God. In order to have and maintain Christian faith, one must accept the Deity of Christ.

I used to take notes in every sermon in the church, but I could not fully understand the notion of Deity of Christ. The course has been a great insight into my whole life. It has expanded my knowledge on the topic of Divinity of Christ. The topic has filled the gaps I had before studying the material and helped me to get to know myself. I have learnt that hope is a sign of having faith in the Lord. Among the Christians, the Deity of Christ is put into practice in the Apostles’ Creed where we confess that Jesus Christ is the God’s only Son.


Death is an aspect of everyone’s life and sooner or later every person has to deal with it in his or her life. Scholars argue that the death itself is the greatest blessing to humanity while the fear of death is the greatest curse. The Bible tells us about two types of death: the spiritual and physical death. According to the Bible, physical death is the separation of the soul and the body (Ecclesiastes 12:7). Spiritual death, on the other hand, is a situation where a man is separated from God (unsaved people). The fear of what awaits after death makes most people avoid the topic of death. The disagreements about death are mainly because of religion, personal beliefs and cultural differences. Death is directly related to either Hell or Heaven. Bible teaches that only the righteous people will enter the kingdom of Heaven after their death while the sinners will go to Hell. Death is something inevitable, and everyone should meditate on what awaits after death. It is a Christian belief that only those who have repented of their sins and lived according to the laws of God will be allowed to the kingdom of Heaven. Those who have sinned and have not sought for forgiveness from the Lord will be thrown into Hell. From biblical teachings, we believe that God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins. Therefore, God expects us to live Christian life in order to be able to enter Heaven after our death. God is not happy to see His creations suffering. Christians respect the body of the dead; hence, they bury their loved ones while giving last respect to them. A short service is held for families and friends to mourn for the deceased and give thanks for their life. When praying for the dead, a Christian priest will pray for the dead soul so that we can rejoin the dead after resurrection. I also believe that all those who die will resurrect one day.


In conclusion, the Deity of Christ is an important doctrine to any practicing Christian. It is a doctrine that is observed through the Apostles’ Creed. Although the Bible does not clearly define this doctrine, Jesus’ teachings prove the true nature of Deity of Christ. Death, which is another important concept for the Christians, does not mean the end; it is a process of elevation to a higher level of being.