Same Sex Marriage

Pro of same sex marriage

It is so important that we first understand the explanation regarding marriage that subsist in earth and all through the world, namely religious marriage, and civil marriage. According to Sullivan, " adding together, we are legalizing civil marriage, civil union, and domestic union marriage in our country though not incorrectly used interchangeably".

Religious marriage and civil marriage

Civil marriage is license legally status issued by the state government. This state will only give its right lawful, and it imposes obligations legal on, and the second married partners. "With faith, religious marriage do reflect on being a liturgical rite, a forfeit or a solemnization of  uniting  of 2 persons being recognized by the pyramid and adherents of that group" (Sullivan 231). The pyramid ,clergy  and in some issues some organization religious establishes their own criteria and rules for looking the number and places within their assemblies marriage may be. Though all this marriages have no authority over a religious organization's autonomy. The United States, state that couples may choose to get married either in a civil marriage, religious marriages or both. The sate government has granted the priest, rabbis, clergy ministries judges and other staff clergy presiding over the churches to allow religious marriage to endorse the marriage license and to establish a civil marriage.

Assured public members many popular cultures "throw up" some rather disagreeable faces or categories of other people as well as veneration, cohort after generation. "Many schools especially colleges have had a lot in panel time full of special effects and extravagant violence much more extensive than either conviction or extol to person who love a person of the same gender" (Gerstmann 10).

If we really understand our generation we could have known on ordinary people who generates opportunities revealing how sure the love a person of the same gender. "Too often were" exposed" only to "exhibitionist who flaunt sexual contact with their own kind"" (Baird and Rosenbaum 96). Activist seemed the only route to live representation, at least at the stage of public awareness and not in turn reinforced the incident of repression.

Though many of us have lead twisted lives as a result, the facts of marriage is not about overt sexists is about out public offense towards commitment to a whole person, and our privately set of economic and physical climatic changes we to have to supportive ties. The incidence of persons attracted to persons of the same gender has not changed. What has changed is that quietly behind the scenes young people (and older people too) are realizing that they actually know non-flagrant people who are inclined to a different set of attachments. The awareness spreads through friendship networks, and most people continue to get along with each other. Thus the awareness grows that personal connections in the form of marriage is considered appropriate for some heterosexual couples, and for some homosexual couples. The total fears and hatreds for anyone who is different will never die off completely, but this young generation is closer to getting it right than most old folks.

Rights of love

Same-gender couples and their families have stood eyewitness to the preposition that love can surmount chauvinism though these as not come up with good summary laws must be enacted to support this rights.

In 1997 Hawai'i was able to adopt a body of legislation granting equal rights to same gender couples and their families in most areas of the law. Some of these rights have been granted since then, and still we expect more in future.

For the first time these laws have managed to recognized families of the same-gender with effect of legal, including in this laws. Where rights of gender being of the same-gender and different-gender couples, spouses and families still differs in other laws not summarized. These have worried over marriage of the same being scrutinized of not being either civil or religious marriage respectively.

Despite the fact that religious have influence a large number of our communities, there are many parts need to be influenced by look of our observation. There are heterosexuals who agree on homosexuals marriages being given a "special rights".  These parts have separated themselves from other person, and are hypocrites to ask like every other person asking them.

Though many are still asking themselves over these ideas, that once you are granted marriage, same-gender couples would need to adopt a child. These as confused many people that any child an adopted to a community will not bear any fruits or needs of that society  and eventually that raised child will not receive the need "parents" situation.  The have also believed that these kid may not develop properly, and could become a generation gene of the same family. Also some proceed by explaining the growth of the kid being a ridiculed for many years and would end up scarred mentally.

There has been no evidence that of all the worries, many kids brought up in the same-gender are perfectly normal. Time will now tell how our society will be change, or will it fit it. With times we will change , as a country who prides on being open and not discriminative towards other cultures and ethnic groups we are not out to destroy our religion, but we just want to the same rights that" same-gender couples only want what is given to the rest of the country". They want the pension and life insurance of a spouse when the die, the need a tax breaks and they want to be able to openly show their true love for each everyone without living "in sin". The public has been given a provocation, and should live up to its probability.

On the other hand, the titles and volumes are sometimes constructive because they give an extensive outline to the society. This a piece of evidence which helps us suggest which the legislature, while not acknowledging full certified marriage to the same-gender couples, were nonetheless acknowledging the couples relationship and certifying the prolongation of their marriage families.

With all this titles of same-gender many of these titles have been issued intermediary as they were place between late consecutive titles. 

Although a law recognizing marriage between a woman and a man has already been amended, this amendment will gives a protection to that law in the state constitution. It will also prohibits state official or rather the principal of our religion and our courts from recognizing any principal being lock out of the state of the same -gender marriage sex or civil unions.

Problems encounters

Denying them is a violation of religious freedom. This has tried to explain much reasoning that same -gender sex couples is considered homosexual and this is a sin; however, the first law clearly tries to view or lacks much protection against a person. Marriage by the state is a secular activity; the state cannon commence making laws just because a religion says the must. What is next is us to take all this principles to God in a vain of criminal activity because religion to considers it as a breaking of God's commandment. It is completely unfair to deny these constitutional rights to person because their relationship does not fit these societies.

On the other hand, same -gender couples should matter in a marriage as a love. The maximum reason of same gender is not to establish legal status, but to allow a joint protection of every decision made. They marry because it is the decisive expression they marry because it is the vital expression of a person's love for another. Should it matter that the couple does not fit into what a state is used to; some couples talk about how to live with a will and other legal contracts that can give same-gender indispensable the same rights as marital couples use these legal maneuvers instead of marriage. Presently maybe there is something to do more. Despite the fact that all these will persuade families to be sturdy with their family's values it also has a high capacity risk of sexual living style. One of the main arguments against same -gender couples is that it will displaces many families values; because with many child embracing, families may fuel the desire for kids naturally. Same-gender sex marriage does not develop ideally reason since same-sex may implementation have yet to become widespread. Though many evidence in this point is comprehensive; in order words, having frequent, unprotected sex with many partners will encourage people to settle down and gives up that type of living we opt to encourage.


To describe the legal methods of which couples do marries two terms are used, often interchangeably, although they have different meanings, to describe the legal procedures by which same-gender couples adopt children. Coparent adoption is a legal process that will allow both couples to adopt a kid at the same time. Second couple will therefore adopt a process whereby the parent of biological adoption parent may be allowed to adopt it later.

Though many couples have adopted children they are still many issues concerning their states, county-levels and judges still make ultimate adoption towards decision and every opinions still varies. Coparent adoption is recognized by many states towards affirming by the supreme courts (Lahey and Alderson 234).

Federal perspective

The act that prohibits federal recognition of same sex and states that allows marriage to take places have noted in 1996, US Congress enacted the DOMA. "The acts prohibits traditional marriages as granted in there states, even those that may not be in compliance with our marriage laws of that particular sate because of the full faith and credit" (Lahey and Alderson 83). These laws are primarily intended to give continuity between societies and enforcement across other states those lines to non federal laws, civil claims and court of ruling. Though many legislators have come to recognized pediatrician as credible and independent sources of expertise on matters of kid well being and couples living, many hearings and measures should be provided to testimony focusing on well being of children of the same -gender couples and their potential benefits of civil marriage for these families (Gerstmann 72).

Effects of pro same sex marriage

The national government does not distinguish marriage of pro same- sex couples since there is no benefit for all tax purposes the defense Marriage Act (Public Law 104-199) provides that the government will only honors a marriage of different sex.  Thus also will stipulates government to recognize a same sex marriage performed in other country not in our sway (Baird and Rosenbaum 75).

The potential effects on government finance will also be recognized marriages of the same-sex as a numerous. Religious marriage may find it difficult to person eligibility for government security. All married couples may tend to incur higher tax liabilities than a single person. This is due to same-sex may increase outlays and revenues, it may also have to resemble married couples more than they resemble other cohabiting households so its  reasonable to assume many of marriages that contained a limited income and earning more impacts for the purpose of equivalent subsequent population in our societies. "Ambiguity predicting this should state all numbers of the same sex being married in same gender does not event benefit to our federal programs since they are sparse or not event in recognition" (Cahill 97).

On the other hand, same-sex marriage would affect government both individual taxation and state tax. Neither effect would be larger relative to total government revenues. Thus would only have a small impact on government estimates compared to income tax revenues this would only require couples  to file income tax returns as couples, either in a jointly or separately. Thus this may rather to lower tax liability. Though these entire if permitted to marry, same-sex couple may benefit from all spousal and survivor features since gains may be modest, for two reasons. First, most same-sex couples may include two maids with no average earning a closer to one another than the issue of a man or wife being two earners. "This may sound to impact government on tax outlays. Whereas the second issue is that same-sex partners will only generalized to collect survivor benefits for only short term" (Andryszewski 65).


Generally, both the couples are the same in age, and no statistical expectation in their life since contrast man are on an average of both two or three period years than their wives earning more or having a shorter life expectancy. As the debate rages on the aspects sexuality and marriage, there is need to draw the line between marriage and sexuality. There is a lot to desire and the developments that are currently seen are from the encroachment even to the church! The political aspects surrounding same-sex marriage is sparked by the moral standing that the ones advocating for it stand to defend. Most communities take that those who practice same-sex marriage have a wrong moral standing.