Miss Phoenix Chinese Q&A

Internet social networking is a part of our day to day lives, for better or worse; how has this affected your life?

Internet social networking has helped me a lot in a number of ways. It has been more of advantageous to me in that it is a convenient and cheap mode of communication; It helps me to easily connect with distant friends and relatives when need a rises. For example I have used it in the past to pass important info to many of them about special functions such as wedding and funeral ceremonies.

What is your greatest defeat and what have you learned from it?

My greatest defeat is proper management of time. It is like I do always not achieve what I intend to in my twenty four hour clock system. Anyway, I came to learn that prior planning yields better performance. I also came to learn that a well organized work can be done within a short timeframe. More so, sleeping early and getting up early can save me a lot of time. It is a problem that is experienced by many and therefore, feeling contented is also an important way of facing future with morale.

Currently, Arizona is ranked number forty nine in funding for students, what plan of action would you suggest to improve this?

There is a number of actions that I would suggest to improve this scenario; one I would suggest that officials entrusted with students funds are held accountable in their performance of duties to ensure that funds disbursements is done in a transparency and accountable manner. Secondly, I also suggest that ways of boosting resources where these funds come from be identified and worked upon to ensure there is enough funding for the students. E.g. engaging students in economic activities such as agricultural projects which the returns will increase their student funding. Proper records on the current number of students and finances available should be kept to ensure, quality service of funding.

What is the best quality in strong Chinese- American woman?

The best quality about a Chinese- American woman is that she is submissive to authority. This is an attribute that has been observed and consent by many. They greatly value their families and have high regards for their husbands and other seniors. They do also observe the laws of the land, and rarely do they come into conflict with the authorities of their respective societies.

If you could change one thing about the past, what could it be and why?

What I can change about the past is the education system in Africa. Most African societies have the poorest education system that needs an abrupt over whole change. This is because; the education system in these societies is characterized by corruption and bribery, favourism, poor curriculums, and ineffectiveness. It is mostly children who come from less fortunate families falls victims of these cruelties and in the end the best education and the fruits of it all falls in place of the well endowed in the society. I therefore consider this as major factor in continuation of vicious cycle in a normal poor family which given a chance would be my first priority of change.