Creativity is Your Birthright

Creativity process is everyone's birthright. Many people are afraid to engage in acts of creativity because they possess a strong feeling that creativity belongs to a few people with the talent of creativeness. Others believe that if they cannot be acknowledged by a given talent, they keep away from pursuing the artistic dream.

We are born with incredible abilities hence through having internal and external support to achieve our creative goal; also we may find some internal and external forces pressuring us not to pursue our creative careers. Some of the external forces include.

Obstacles to creativity imposed by society

The society plays a vital role in diminishing our creativity. The society believes that competition is one of the ways to find the best creative people in a certain field while those who are not the best are ignored.  For example in our schools, teachers only pick one or two individuals with the best talents while hundreds of other students are ignored. If the ignored students were to be supported and encouraged in their own creativity they will also achieve their creativity goals in their respective field like the one who were picked initially. Also the act of competition may cause certain impact in commercial market where those whose creativity is selected as the best get paid highly than hundreds of other enterprises in the market hence killing the motivation of other people to keep trying to attain creative goals.

Obstacles to creativity due to families and friends

There are some forces that our friends and families impose to us that will keep us away from achieving our creative goals. The puritan work ethics loving working hard in our work hence not having time for our creativity work. Work must pay attitude if our creativity career cannot pay us a lot of money; what is the point of doing it?  What kind of thing is that to do pursuing something different from what your friends and families does?

Obstacles to creativity due to ourselves

The above obstacles come from the surrounding that prevents us from achieving our creative goals. But if we understand how we are, what we do, we will not acquire any permission to start our creative career.

Since we know who we are, the only permission we will give ourselves is to stop trying whatever we are pursuing. If we try something and we fail it will be a foundation for success. For example Edison kept trying a thousand times until he was successful to make a light bulb.

My suggestion is that the permission to whether to participate in creativity art lies on depending on others for advice. Although there are some obstacles that prevents us from our creativity such as society and friends, if we understand who we are, what we do we will be able to rise above the stated obstacles. Some of factors that enable us to improve our creativity career include looking deep within ourselves, declare your birthright.

My opinion to this article is that it is upon to change our culture that affects our creative art. We should be more careful to what people advice us to do because some of the people may not have right attitude on what we do. When we fail, it does not mean the end of our creativity career but it should be a good start to our career. Many examples can tell of experienced, long successful and widely celebrated people who tried several times on what they were undertaking until their dreams became true.