How Much Is Too Much Plastic Surgery

When one hears about plastic surgery, most people tend to think that it is the re-construction of the face only to have the fake identity. However, that is not the case because, plastic surgery is regarded to be a special type that involves both the person's appearance and the capability of functioning. Interestingly, plastic surgery nowadays has turned out into the business thing with surgeons marketing it. They have embraced technology and the media in passing the message across to those people who want to undergo such an exercise of plastic surgery. The most used in advertising plastic surgery of late is the social media. Here, people tend to interact very much through maybe twitter or even Facebook page to market their practices of plastic surgery (Iverson, 2008).

Tutorials and some videos concerning plastic surgery are provided online to guide people through before making the decision of undertaking plastic surgery. Most of the clinics have put there focus in this marketing business of plastic surgery. The concerned surgeons tend to posses some characteristics that are meant to either attract many clients or even put them off. For instance, a friendly communication, professionalism and personal interactions with the clients are one of the influential key to the surgeons practice. This happens when marketing ones practice online. These are the only ways of winning the patients trust and giving the patient a chance to go-to-doctor for their surgery needs not forgetting their loved ones needs (Aston, 2009). Regular communication with the patients is also very important in getting the most profitable form of business possible.

How is the tool of social media used to woo most patients? One may wonder, but this happens. For instance, this happens through Facebook. Some patients who have undergone through the same exercise share their testimonies to encourage and attract more clients into the same exercise (Stone, 2006). This encouragement can come in form of pictures and videos to ensure that plastic surgery message is passed across to the targeted people. This is one of the main tools that can be used to lure most people into practicing plastic surgery. However, it is quite a big challenge in convincing a bigger percentage into practicing plastic surgery. What has been discovered is that, the majority of the people who have put much attention to plastic surgery are the females as compared to their male counterparts. This is because they want to look good.

With the plastic surgery in place, the cosmetic surgery has been discovered to be having some of its own challenges. Some of these challenges are the eternal contentment. Here, one needs to understand that, cosmetic surgery can create some positive impact. However, doing it for the wrong reasons can also trigger the negative impact. Most of the negative impact that can be brought about by plastic surgery is aging, which might affect the appearance and the plastic surgery procedure (Aston, 2009).

The other issue is the life problem solution where issues like stress are experienced. Most people undergo this practice of plastic surgery thinking that it will solve their domestic issues, increase their employment chances or even heal some grief due to one loosing job, break-up in relationships or even transition to retirement. These kinds of people forget that plastic surgery is designed to improve the appearance of specific body areas but not to solve life's problems (Stucker, 2009).

The idea of marketing the plastic surgery can also make some people undergo plastic surgery oblivious of repercussions involved. For instance, the image that is put on the screens of the internet or television can portray a better image of the plastic surgery which has been undertaken. However in the real sense, the image might have been enhanced to attract more people into performing plastic surgery (Koch, & Taub, 2009).

That is why it is advisable for the patients who have undergone the procedure of plastic surgery to be advised to undergo the common procedures to maintain the benefit of doing plastic surgery. Some of the procedures are such as "touchups" which are in the form of secondary surgeries to maintain the cosmetic improvement to the patient's body (Aston, J 2009)

Before undertaking any plastic surgery, it is recommended that, the patient should consult the concerned doctor. This is to help make an informed decision that is meant to focus on the specific bothersome features to minimize the future surgery needs as much as possible. It is this process that the patient is required to help the doctor who is likely to undertake the plastic surgery in explaining to him or her the main reasons for taking plastic surgery and the treatment options, by getting the support needed as much as possible for the recovery process (Taub, & Koch, 2009).

In conclusion, before one making the decision of undertaking plastic surgery, one should be fully satisfied with what he or she is about to undertake. This is very important to avoid some regrets afterwards. For the surgeons who are practicing plastic surgery, they should embrace technology and the media especially the televisions and the social Medias in marketing their products. This people should posses some characteristics, which will help them in wooing most patients into their practices. Such characteristics are honesty, hard work, having an "I Can Do Attitude", fair pricing and posses some customer service in them (Stucker, 2009). This will help them in winning the patients confidence and trust in their practice. By following the above necessary procedures, both sides are going to benefit.