Letter to Instructor

My essay was about fast-food advertising to children. The topic was quite intriguing to handle. However, it was involving as I took time to obtain the right content for the essay. I explored various methods, which most corporations use to advertise the fast- food products, and the health consequences that fast foods have on children's health. Common means of advertisements like newspapers, magazines, TV programs, and the internet were discussed.

I read the Fast Food Nation book, and I was able to capture vital issues by Eric Schlosser. I realized that corporations are using schools as a means of marketing their fast food products. According to the book, there is a lot of loyalty in using fast-food products after advertisement by the fast-food corporations. An example of loyalty is the situation whereby a student wearing a Pepsi T-shirt in a 'Coke Day' was refused to attend lessons due to lack of loyalty to the COKE Company.

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While compiling the information obtained from Schlosser book and other sources, I learned that writing is an art as well as a science. This is because I had to make a careful analysis of fast-food advertisement and how it affects the health of American children. I introduced the assay then discussed the main points in a systematic manner. I discovered that the writing process is not easy unless I was able to make logical arguments about my topic on Fast Food Nation. This experience, in fact, gave me an insight on the possible repercussions of the fast foods on the American children.

I concluded my essay by expressing my concern that the children are the main targets of the fast-food companies. Also, the government should regulate the fast-food firms. I felt that the government intervention can help parents to protect their children from unhealthy-food staffs. Thank in advance.

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