Capital Punishment

Capital punishment has been used in the United States for many years. According to history, capital punishment was used to reduce the rate of crime in the society. However, the rate of murder cases has been noted to be on the rise in spite of the use of capital punishment (Lendman 2011). This paper will discuss the reason why capital punishment should be abolished. Is capital punishment still practical in reducing crime in the society?

Most of the murder convicts in prisons today have not shown any remorse of the crime they have done. The core reason as to why capital punishment is used has long failed. Murderers are not scared of death punishment. In some cases, murder convicts look forward to capital punishment. This is because an individual who has killed is often sure of a murder sentence. The murder convict sees death punishment as more impressive and a better option than other forms of punishments. They are often resistant to the thought of death. Hence alternative punishments should be opted.

In the past, death penalty was considered an option because there were no enough prison facilities to confide such criminals. Today, prison facilities have been increased, and improved to enhance transformation for such convicts. The jury can also be sure of maximum confinement of such a criminal. On the other hand, killing the criminal will not make him change. Therefore, other types of punishment should be considered. Life imprisonment and suffering can be an alternative to capital punishment. The thought of pain is not tolerable to any person including criminals. A criminal in confinement has a higher chance of reforming than a dead person.

In addition many people have suffered death sentences yet they were not guilty (Lendman 2011). In other cases, accused persons could have gotten a lighter sentence. In conclusion, the jury should consider alternative punishments to enhance reformation of such people in the society.