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Goodwill enables the donors to have an effective opportunity to design how to channel their funds into many areas functions thereby fitting into the issues that they care most in the society. A good example of such industries is the Goodwill Industries International. This is a non-profit making organization that provides job training, placement of employment services and other programs that are community-based to the people on charity,(Filipp,2008). Most of the Goodwill industries have employed functional area interrelationship structure in their management structures. The reasons for using this structure are as follows;

The Goodwill industries have many branches in the world serving many people within their own locations or areas. In this case each location or each branch is considered as an area of its own which has to be managed from within the same area. Thus to serve the people from within one place using one office is cumbersome considering that the number of people to be served are many. To facilitate easy decision making in each area, location or branch it's treated as a single entity headed by the area manager and his staff.

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Goodwill industries specialize in offering a variety of services ranging from free job training, placements, child care etc. Since the industry does not offer uniform services, each of them is treated as a functional area of its own which is related to the mother industry. Various functional areas can interact but cannot share the same experiences in the services they offer since they have different lines of operation, (Loosemore, 2000).

Due to the nature of goodwill industries which makes them to depend heavily on the donors, the industry is divided into different areas with different functions to offer to people so as to attract more donations.  Each functional area can apply for donation that will facilitate its functions in a certain line of the goodwill industry even all this is controlled from the head office in the head company. Thus structure focuses on the attention of the management which necessitates on individual branch or area sponsorship.

Custom Functional Area Interrelationship essay uk

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