Employment Security

Employment security is the assurance that an employee will have continuity of his or her employment without a risk of becoming unemployed (Jackson and Mathis 171). This is mostly realized from the terms of contract of employment, collective bargaining agreement or labor legislation that prevents arbitrary termination of employment. Public administration jobs tend to be more secure compared to other jobs. Job security is dependent on the individual's personal skills and the economy, it may also vary with vary with employment laws of a country, work experience and necessary skills (Master 455). Many employees have more job security during times of economic expansion.

Contract of employment demonstrate a practical utility of contractual terms which will not only bring about imposing of procedural limits on the employee's power of dismissal. Contract of employment also imposes restrictions on the reasons through which an employee can be dismissed from his employment (Bendix 52).

Collective bargaining agreement is a legally binding contract. The agreement clearly describes the employee rights and benefits in terms of wages, health benefits and working hours and conditions also helps in improving job security for an individual (Pozgar 406). Public administration employees are covered by legislation laws which offer them rights to fair treatment by the employers. Collective bargaining agreement also prohibits discrimination and protects rights for the employers to engage or organize whistle blowing activities and also protects them from unjust discharge (Heywood and Peoples 77). Job security is important to employers and employees and has significant impacts. This is because it gives employee stability in career, improves his performance, gives him peace of mind and financial security and he is able to be committed to the family.

Job security ensures that the employee is motivated well enough to be committed to goals and objectives of employment and reap the commensurate benefits from it. It will enhance seeking career progression, sense of stability in individual development and whole career development throughout the employment period. Assurance of job security limits an individual from eyeing other job opportunities this leaves him with a focus of advancing in his current career (Dutta 1).

In a research done by the Society for human Resource Management, it was revealed that employees ranked job security as a leading factor in creating satisfaction at their workplace. HR professionals ranked the same factor as second major factor (Witt para 3). Satisfaction in any job is important to employers as it increases rate of productivity of the employees. This shows that job security does not only benefit the employee but it is of great importance to the employer An individual with job security will tend to offer dedication and commitment to his responsibilities and will be focused to his capabilities on being an excellent performer (Hakim 101). A secure and stable employment will also offer an individual peace of mind and also enable him to excel in other non official activities like community service and hobbies.

According to one of the main reasons why every employee aims at job security is to be able to take of his family, either a growing one or his parents (Dutta 1). Job security in a public administration eradicates fear of dependency of the employees especially after retirement. This is because most of these jobs offer employees a chance to get into pension schemes.

A secure job in public administration offer an adequate compensation package and other benefits like retirement benefits therefore providing financial security to the employee (Stewart 27). Many people try to save because of their future financial requirements. Having a secure job is important to every employee when he is assured of a salary during payment period. Job security drives out fear of employers to lose employees and face a tedious work of looking and training new employees. Hence it proves its importance.