Project Management and Work Structure


The research paper critically evaluates the key responsibilities of my project team fully based on the (work breakdown structure) WBS previously provided. In addition to this the paper will define the purpose of the roles, responsibilities of the roles, reporting the roles, skills, qualifications and experiences required. Lastly, the research paper ends with a detailed organizational chart. Projects with planning can only be structured and managed. Structuring the projects from their commencement, and plan to process and to complete them within the timeline and costs is called successful project management. There are number of project management, planning, and structure techniques and methods. However, the actual project management tool is team development and precise cost management for the successful project accomplishment (Hasted, 2005).

Key responsibilities roles and qualifications

It is worth noting that responsibilities solemnly rely on the tasks at hand. For this project the major tasks include preliminary R & D about the project, determining the milestone, teaming, forming, storming and performing, reports, monitoring and evaluation, testing and debugging and training the users. Based on the tasks of the project, the major responsibilities of the project team include;

  • Carrying out an extensive research
  • Collect all relevant requirements for the proposed project
  • Critically analyze the issue at hand
  • Developing a plan or design the software based solution
  • Coding of the software
  • Testing the product
  • Deploying the product
  • Maintaining and fixing bugs

Among the tram members with various responsibilities and roles are discussed herein. At the helm of the team is development manager or director. He/she is bestowed with the responsibilities such as managing multiple priorities of projects that seem to conflict and confuse the entire team. It is worth noting that he/she offers that last word in situations where finding a solution to a problem looks challenging. He may do this with thorough consultation and consensus with the team or just do it by himself. Another responsibility of the development manager is that he opts to be actively involved in each and every process or steps being taken during the project. To hold this position the individual must be holding masters degree in information science with a first agrees in any field preferably from computer science or project management. Ability to work with diverse workforce and having effective leadership qualities are a must.

Project manager works under the directions of the director of the project. The project manager is responsible in ensuring that there is consistent reporting, curbing risks, meeting the timeline set for particular process as well as controlling cost. Additionally, he is the one who manages the entire team and ensure that the working environment is suitable. Strictly speaking the project manager's role is that of problem solving. It is worth noting that for making sure that he is also involved in each and every step involved in developing and designing the web. To qualify for this position needs a graduate in information technology with a bias in web design. Possession of strong analytical skills and effective leadership qualities are desirable (Hohmann, 2003).

The tester is responsible for creating the test documents. This is achieved from the plans as well as the scripts prepared by the quality assurance sector. After its creation it is important for it to be again reviewed by another tester or reviewer. Organization developer is bestowed with the responsibility of writing the codes for the specifications provided by the development lead. This process is worth remembering to be the core of the entire process and purpose of the project.

Development lead organization has bears the role of focusing on offering more and desired details to the solution of the Architect's architecture. Among them include providing specifications necessary for creation of the program. Additionally development lead is also provides the organization developers the first support they need. Having the ability to storm the team, team building, effective leadership styles are necessary for one to be in such a position. The quality assurance is bestowed with the responsibility of finding bugs just before the product is made available to the consumers (Hohmann, 2003). Having a number of mechanisms the team is ensures that the quality of the solution is unquestionable and fits into the requirements gathered by the functional analysts.

The solution architect bears the responsibility of transforming the requirements created by the functional analysts into a set of architectural and design document which can be used by the rest of the team in coming up with a solution needed. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the solution architect to ensure that the technologies at hand are in line with the problem being addressed. A strong information technology background is desirable with a minimum of second class honors upper division. The experience for one to hold the position opts to be between 1 and 2 years in the similar position or lower.

The subject matter expert provides the necessary basic information which will help in providing the project team with a clear picture of the requirements with regards to the problem at hand. The expert along with a few members carryout extensive research from the relevant quotas and compile a report that clearly shows what gap needs to be filled (Hohmann, 2003). It is the subject matter expert that haves a full idea with the functionalities of the software as well as how the entire process works.  To qualify for this position the individual opt not to have IT background but capable of exhibiting strong analytical skills as well as a problem solver. Holding a first degree or national higher diploma in any field is a must. The minimum experience for the individual to hold such a position is one year.

It is worth noting that all the stated responsibilities are of essence as they will help the entire team achieve the desired goals and objectives within the time limit. The major reason basically lays on the fact that there is division of labor among the team members. Provided the roles and responsibilities are clear as stated herein there will be no issue relating to overlap of responsibility and tasks especially when the team adopt the entire plan in the most effective manner.

Additionally, the concept of communication within such a team is of paramount significance. It is important to remember that there are two major types of communication; verbal and non verbal. Both should be considered as sharing of information will clearly tell the relevant team members how they are progressing, where there are problems and probably arriving at alternatives and choosing the best ones to help solve the problems in the course of the project. Another important aspect includes team building (Hasted, 2005). This needs to be a continuous process in the entire project phases. With team building, all relevant members will feel accommodated. There is need to have in place mechanisms that will help some of the team members who may take corrections in a negative way. Despite the fact that the entire process of team building is not a one time event that can be achieved within a shorter period of time, human interaction through meetings written massages as well as informal discussion may go an extra mile in helping positively build the team Gareth & George, 2006).