Project Proposal

Job hunting is an important activity for High School graduates since it is a life defining moment. In most cases, it is also a rite of passage, because it signifies moving from adolescence to adulthood. Parents are happy to see their children working hard to find a job, because this is a sign of maturity as their children are trying to become more responsible. Nevertheless, job hunting is not an easy task to complete. In order to increase the likelihood of success, it is imperative to use all available resources. One of the most practical tools for job hunters is the Microsoft Office Suite, specifically its four major components: MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, and MS-Access.

MS-Word element is one of the most important components of Microsoft Office Suite. The MS-Word component enables a job applicant to create a conventional resume. The applicant’s resume can be compared to a business card. It is a document that bridges the gap between the aspiring employee and the prospective employer. In a typical scenario, the employer has no idea about the personal background, educational attainment, and capabilities of the job applicant.

MS-Word application not only provides tools needed to write an acceptable resume, but also contains ready-made templates. Therefore, the job applicant does not have to start from scratch. There are several resume templates that will suit the needs of different individuals including employers.

It is therefore important to know more about the prospective employer. Access to pertinent information will enable the candidate for a job to write a resume that will stand out from the rest. It is important to realize that competing for a job vacancy or position means going against other talented people. Sometimes, the decision to choose one person from from a crop of talented individuals is not determined by the skills, but other factors related to the applicant’s behavior. Sometimes, the deciding factor is the way the applicants develop their resumes.

In a highly competitive environment or when the position very coveted, it is imperative to look for a competitive advantage. In other words, it is helpful to do something that will help the job hunter to rise up to the top. Although MS-Word can help an applicant create a typical resume, one should not forget that other candidates have adopted this strategy as well. However, if the applicant decides to do something uncommon, it is best to consider creating a resume using MS-PowerPoint.

Using MS-PowerPoint to create visual resumes is not only helpful to stay ahead of the pack, so to speak. A visual resume is the best approach when applying for a position in a workplace that requires creative talent. Consider the impact of the resume containing a link that will lead the employer to one’s website or will trigger an email response to send a PowerPoint presentation. Since the task is relatively complex, there are only a few candidates who will dare attempt to use this tactic. Thus, the visual resume creates an impression with employers.

Aside from the unique approach that a visual resume provides, the job applicant can secure a vacant job position by creating a resume that is loaded with interesting information. If the applicant had an experience as a volunteer for a non-profit organization, there is a better way to present this information to the employer. In a conventional resume, the applicant merely describes the experience in a few short sentences. However, the ability to show a video to the employer also means the capability to convey a significant amount of information on what the applicant can do.

MS-Excel and MS-Access are supporting tools when it comes to job applications. For instance, MS-Excel enables the applicant to document the job hunting process. It is a useful tool with regards to creating a cost-efficient plan to get a particular job. In the planning stage of the job-hunting process, the applicant can use the different columns found in MS-Excel to write down prospective employers. In another column that corresponds to a specific employer, the applicant can add pertinent information about the company. It can contain the address, contact person, and other contact information making it easier to send resumes and other supporting documents. It is also a helpful tool when the company begins to call and schedule interviews. In another column, the applicant can add the interview schedules.

The MS-Access application can be utilized in the same way as MS-Excel. MS-Access application will prove useful when the applicant is able to accumulate a significant amount of information. MS-Excel is easy to use if there are only ten or twelve employers listed. However, if the number of companies is more than forty, then it is difficult to scan the Microsoft spreadsheet to look for particular information regarding a prospective employer. It is more convenient to search for information using MS-Access, because it is an easy-to-use database.

In conclusion, I expect my job search to be successful, because I will use Microsoft Office applications. Thus, it would be easy for me to communicate to prospective employers. At the same time, I have the tools to impress them by creating visual resumes that allow me to speak beyond words about capabilities. In addition, I am able to track down the progress of my project, because I can efficiently manage relevant information using MS-Excel and MS-Access.