Long-Term Goal and Short-Term Steps

In light of what I have learned in the course, my long-term goal is to develop into an efficient and reliable public relations manager in my company. Several short-term steps will help me stay on the path to this goal. The first step that will help me in the realization of this goal is working closely with other employees in my organization. Other employees are instrumental in enhancing one’s skills and knowledge in public relations and I believe this step will assist me. The second step that will help me stay on the path to my goal is the development of a closer touch with customers by asking them what they want, what satisfies them, and how they want to be served. This will be a natural step in leading to the expansion of my understanding on how to build a reputation for the company through closer interactions and service to customers. The third short-term step that I can do to stay on the path to this goal is to try to learn values such as humility, which constitute effective public relations.

People That Can Help Me

I understand that I cannot work alone toward the realization of this goal. Therefore, people that can help me to realize the goal include:

  1. Fellow employees;
  2. Management;
  3. Customers through their feedback.

Five Key Concepts Learned that Can Help Me Get There

The first key concept that I have learned from this class that will help me get to my goal is the need for communication for an effective reputation development. The class has offered an in-depth understanding of how to employ effective communication in the presence and absence of a crisis in the organization to ensure confidence is restored appropriately. Communication will go a long way into helping reach the goal because of the closeness it brings with different parties such as customers, shareholders, other employees, and the rest of stakeholders.

The second concept learned from this class that will help me in this direction is engagement, especially customer engagement. This simply means involving them directly in the process of making important decisions that affect their consumption and relationship with the organization. An organization cannot succeed without closer customer engagement.

Thirdly, the concept that would help me in this class is team-working toward reputational management in the organization. Working in teams with other employees improves the level of productivity and goal realization for the whole organization. The course has brought out the view that the control of reputation is being transferred to employees and I believe that working together with them will be essential in helping me get to the goal of managing the reputation of the organization excellently.

Another concept learned from the course that will help me get there is technology use. The contemporary business world relies heavily on technology and I have learned that technology would be a vital resource in helping me move to this goal. Relevant technological aspects that would be keenly considered include social media such as Facebook and Twitter where ideas about the company can be easily communicated and shared among many customers and even shareholders.

The last notable concept that I have learned and I believe will help me get there is trust with the community. The course has revealed a view that trust is important for the organization to gain and maintain its reputation. This will especially help me in working with the community and ensuring that everyone is satisfied with operations of the organization. Earning trust from the community will obviously entail extra work and delivery of quality outcomes at any given time.