Value Alignment

Individual value is defined as the ideal practices of an individual while in the presence of other people in the society; it is characterized as the degree of an individual's characters, ideas and interaction in the organization and might be positive or negative values. Individual values are the factors that determine an individual's actions and behaviors (Santrock, 2007).

Individual values are personal beliefs on the level of an action being good or bad in life, an individual needs and wants in life are considered as some of the factors that determine an individual's actions and behaviors; an individual will strive at fulfilling his needs and desires thus determining his actions (Santrock, 2007).

The alignment between an individuals behaviors and actions are classified into two groups which includes needs and wants, the needs are classified as the things that an individual desperately require in order to survive; this may include food, clothing and shelter (Santrock, 2007). At the same time wants include the things that the individual barely need to survive but are considered as things that are used to improve the lifestyle of an individual such as luxuries that includes vehicles, Television amongst other necessities.

Individual's good will has made it possible for a person to improve on the services an individual offer to the company this is by implementing the use of offering training, employment opportunity and supportive services to the disabled or disadvantaged people in the society thus ensuring that there is equality in the society (Santrock, 2007).