Suicide Behavior: Concept of Personality Disorder

Psychologies of different people range from dormant to super active in just the normal sense. For some other range of occurrences people of the same social class experience different kinds of challenges that lead to abnormal psychological functions. For example, the issue of people committing suicide is speculated as inheritable, some sort of illness, a form of cowardice and sometimes an issue of witchcraft to one or more races of people.

The issue of suicide to some individuals doesn't seem to be a case of debate on whether it's a serious issue or not, they just think that suicide is a way of life and much outside the proportion of morals is the matter. Suicidal behavior can be seen and predicted in the way a person behaves and his/her way with caring for him or herself.

Some of the behaviors that can be suicidal are, standing on the railings on top of skyscrapers, jumping on or off moving automobiles, picking fights with much stronger people, caring less about personal safety, inflicting pain on one self, holding breath to a point of turning blue, deliberately drowning or suffocating oneself for a period of time, slitting some of the body parts with blades and other sharp objects. Some people have behaviors that are not so physically oriented but still have the same impact as those with physical implication behavior. Some of these are, Talking about death too often, drawing or getting involved in dark art, isolating themselves, threatening to kill themselves, drafting death notices and showing no signs of care, compassion and love to both animals and fellow people. (Garcia, 2008: 124)

Personality Disorder

Most suicidal behaviors are associated with personality disorders. Personality disorders are caused by the kind of life people live, how they have lived their lives in the past. To be in the position to explain how personality disorders affect people, identifying the causes of the disorders first will narrow down the task we have. People with a personality disorder are believed to have had some tough, challenging and abnormal childhood crisis. The crisis could be in form of abusive parenting, drunkard-ness of one of the parents, domestic violence, accidents and /or acquired complications at birth.

Suicidal behaviors are classified in the category of border-line personality. This borderline personality disorder is a condition navigates from good to very good and from bad to very bad states of minds. Characteristics associated with borderline disorders are: carelessness in life and especially in terms of safety and zero caution is taken, drug abuse, careless sexual behaviors, death wishes and reference of death as a savior. These characters of the person may be noticeable in some people or unnoticeable.

It's explained scientifically that anybody that has had troubled childhood or had an overwhelming event during his/her childhood life. Borderline personality disorder can also be detected in the way people relate with one another. Somebody with the disorder tends to like solitary more than company; the person tries to create a world of his own. Sometimes he/she would try to create communication with other people to express his urge to terminate his/her life, the urge to do so comes as a secondary instinct that tries to interfere with how he fathomed suicide. The suicide part which happens to seem as the last resort as all that has happening, is a result of helplessness in digesting the events that have taken place in his/her life.

To distinguish a cry for help and actual warning that the person would be terminating his/her life happens can be a hard one due to the complexity of their psychologies. Opting for psychiatrist help may be one clue to determine a cry for help. Purchase of sleeping pills in plentiful could be a way to determine that the person is going on with a plan to ends his/her life.

Many people take suicide attempts as side effects of substance use, though it happens to be the case at times, suicide isn't at all times brought about by psychology disorientation, but is as much as no one would agree a psychology problem. People with the tendency of issuing threats about ending their lives happen to be calling for help, otherwise without help they end up ending their lives.

Helping the Disturbed

A psychologically challenged person requires attention to get to order that piece of reason that strays. The border-line disorder case as a cause for most suicides requires that a person depicting such behavior should be helped in the following ways: by taking the time to listen to them when the time of crying for help; seeking professional help from psychiatrists; getting them to engage their minds in much mind involving tasks; to enroll them in institutions that help the disturbed for counseling and for behavior modification. (Porr, 2010: 89)

As much as psychology of humans is concerned, most of the activities that people are involved in require an involvement of the brain. For the suicide adherents, psychology plays the major role. In diagnosis the outcome is mostly a personality disorder. Treatment or correction of the disorder requires a close relationship with the person to determine what exactly is disturbing them and to recommend or offer the necessary help possible.