Dogs Make the Best Pets

Research question: Can dogs be the best man’s pet, and what are the benefits of keeping a dog pet?

There are many different types of dogs. Some have long hair while others have short. Some dogs are small while others have huge bodies. There are a number of books and materials that have been written on account of dogs and their behavior. However, all dogs portray the unique and outstanding quality and performance - their ability to offer companionship (Bradshaw 2012). Dogs have been known to outdo other animals in offering unconditional affection, love, companionship and social interaction. Dogs are capable of interacting and becoming a friend of an individual as well as the family (Aydin 2012).

The ability of dogs to express affection and love is intriguing. They have many ways of showing their affection and love including wagging the tail, licks on the face and even hugs (Haidt 2000). Dogs have the ability to comprehend and identify with the moods of the owner and react accordingly. A dog, for example, somehow knows when the owner is sick, thus it may lie next to the owner as a way of offering comfort.

Another easily observable dog behavior is socialization. Dog owners have been seen in the parks and streets playing games with their pets. During such socialization periods, not just dogs, but also their owners get the opportunity to socialize with other people owning dogs (Brown et al., 2006). The emotional connection between the dog and its owners is amazing. There are many stories regarding unbelievable acts dogs performed, such as saving children or the owners who would have otherwise died in certain circumstances (Collins 2014). Dogs develop bond and trust with their owners and they can go to any extend to demonstrate it.

Dogs are usually incorporated into the family for several reasons. Dogs are good guides for the blind person. Some dogs are trained to give security and protection of the family members and their property while others are brought into the family just as pets. For whatever reason, dogs usually become more than the intended purpose. They quickly adapt to the family setup and through love and affection, they become part of the family (Bonas et al., 2000). Choosing the right dog suited for a family is quite hard considering that there are many types of dogs. Most families prefer an animal that is neither too small nor too big. They need a dog that has some energy, is gentle to children, protective, and are able to guarantee general safety. Some people think that large dogs offer better services than the small ones while others prefer medium size. Small ones are always chosen for simple pet purposes (Mariti 2013).

The breeds that give most of the desired qualities are the Basenjis and Rat Terriers. They are both loyal and protective. They can interact well with the family and cautious to strangers. The dogs do not necessarily bite the strangers but, they make sure that the strangers have been noticed. The two breeds will always get the approval of their owners before taking any action that could harm the intruder or the visitor. The dogs will step in between the strangers and the owner just in case the owner will need their services (Mehrkam 2013).

The welfare of the dog pet must be put into consideration before adopting one. Some pets are affected by extreme climatic conditions. Other issues worth noting are the possibilities of the pets to be the carriers of some disease. The challenges of keeping a dog pet can be surmounted. Pets need special care and must be treated as friends and in conditions that foster good relationship. There are also regulations that govern keeping of pets and must be adhered (Wong 2013).

The information offered in the books and article that are available in the market gives much data concerning dogs as pets. The research focused on looking at the outstanding qualities that make dogs the best man’s pet.