Community services and development activities require a professional approach and experience in order to conduct successful and influential projects. Different communities possess various beliefs, activities, as well as their opinion on togetherness, technology, as well as helping one another differ drastically. In order to conduct a precise and concise report that can be relied upon, much experience, passion and deep personal involvement in the job intended or being undertaken at a particular time are needed. The researches and the information achieved from the public have to be written and presented to people, whereas these people include the ones whose research was done from, and they will have to criticize the written report. Mistakes are made when the writer makes up his/ her stories in order to complete the desired content. The current paper looks at the personal reflection and the things that one needs to be conversant with before undertaking on the societal issues and activities.

In order to analyze the societal issues, one has to be a fast learner and adjust from one community or society belief to another. By observations done, the person has to be able to make the correct or nearly correct conclusions about the area of the study. As a learner, one should train him/ herself to adjust to different situations and the beliefs of the people they are working with. These adjustments will make them acquire the needed information for the activity and help the community be involved in their developmental problems. Reciprocity helps the learner to develop self-confidence and give confidence to the people involved. From the interaction, the learner also acquires the knowledge of which he/ she was not conversant with and will help in his/ her development.

Personal actions and reflections are imperative for the learner and writer who want to be involved in the societal or community development programs. After doing something successfully or unsuccessfully it is advisable for the writer to reflect on his/ her actions during the activity. Maybe in some instances, the personal decisions would not provide the perfect result and one that would part with his/ her opinions in order to make things perfect. Sometimes, what people believe in maybe totally different from the real appearance of the things. Therefore, it is important to follow the saying “a wise man changes his mind, but a fool doesn’t”. Hence, it is not a foolish act to sometimes follow the instructions of the others, no matter to what social class they belong.

Other perspectives are paramount to the learner or a student, aspiring to be a writer on societal matters. Though these things are not class-based, one should possess them and be able to always use and implement them. Humility is the first thing required for one to possess either a personal value or something learnt from studies. One should have humility and see things as they happen and learn step-by-step. What is needed is to make sure that one learns something new on a daily basis. Since professionals in any field are not made within a day, learners should take time to learn one thing at a time and make the best person out of the thing learnt. Being humble to all people is important; it is what learners should know and always practice. Sometimes, the less educated individuals are afraid of the educated people, and they may not be willing to cooperate. Being humble and making other people see that despite education all of us are equal, will help me as a learner and a writer get the best output from all the people I meet. The third technique is understanding different kinds of people, their interaction capabilities and their perceptions in making conclusions about different issues. As people would not always accept to cooperate with others, it is good to accept their nature and search for options on how to deal with them. It will be advisable to use people who understand the introverts well, in order to get information from them.

I have to be able to help other individuals achieve their dreams, be able to make people from a particular society or area achieve their goals and/ or objectives or make the whole society achieve something. The best thing is to train myself and make it perfect on how to involve the whole society on the development issues. Upon writing something based on the public affairs, I should be able to know how different societies emerged to reach the points, where they take time to consolidate all these issues and make conclusions without haste. Tradition is wisdom, and I should be able to recognize every aspect of different societies and the way they perceive as the best way to preserve their tradition. There are some issues in the society that its members do not want them to be written about or published. As a service delivers, I should be aware of these things and how different communities devolve their traditional beliefs.

In doing and adhering to the above issues, I believe I will be a good learner and a public professional writer who will create an impact and influence all the communities and people I will work with.