Progressive Delivery

Progressive delivery is a unique service that we offer to our clients. Using this service assists our clients in managing 20+ pages double-spaced papers, as well as 10+ pages single-spaced papers.

Advantages of applying our original service are as follows:

  • The process of paper writing can simply be tracked by every client. Our company sends each paper to the client who should approve the work done by our writers. The work is usually delivered in parts or drafts by the end of the order deadline.
  • Free revision within 30 days from the moment the work has been sent to the client. A simple work can be revised within the period of 2 days only.
  • Well-educated and very experienced authors and editors.
  • A highly professional manager who is responsible for the process of communication between the client and the writer.

How a draft is delivered*:

  • If the client needs an order done within 4 days– our writer will prepare 1 draft within 50% of the deadline set. For example, if the client sets a 2-day deadline, the writer completes a draft in 1 day. The work volume should be about 25% or more of the complete work. That is, if the client orders 32 pages, the writer completes a 8 page draft.
  • If the urgency of the order is 5-11 days - the writer prepares 2 drafts. The first draft should be 25% and the second one – 50% of the paper deadline in 25% and 50% volume of the completed work.
  • If the urgency of the work is 12 days – the writer sends 3 drafts within 25%, 50% and 75% of the deadline of the paper in the same volume percentage (25%, 50% and 75% of the complete work).

The service price is only +15% to the total sum of the order made.

* If the client insists on an individual way of his / her work completion, our team is always at his / her disposal.

All client’s requirements and remarks will be taken into account and all possible measures will be taken to provide him / her with high-quality piece of writing.

Additional Services Offered by Our Company for Short Orders (less than 20 Pages)

A 1-Page Summary

We have introduced an additional service - summary writing. If the client orders the following service, he / she is provided with a 1-page summary of his/her work. Having such a summary allows the client to get familiar with the topic or problem under study.

Draft of the Ordered Paper

A 1-page draft, either single (600 words) or double (300 words) spaced, must be delivered to the client after 50% of the deadline set. For instance, if the urgency of the paper is 2 days, the writer is supposed to send a draft within 24 hours.

Extended Order Revision

According to our revision policy, all works completed by our authors should be revised within 48 hours from the moment of their completion. Our company also guarantees extended revision within the period that lasts 14 days!