A Sample Letter of Complaint

If you need to file a complaint and want to know how to do it properly, please find out a sample below. With the help of our writing service, you can find samples of many business letters and other pieces of academic writing.

The process of writing a complaint letter may seem as a challenging one to many people. In particular, it has its own structure and layout organization. However, apart from being well-versed in structural nuances, the most important thing is for you to be direct but at the same time polite. Writing a really angry letter of complaint will definitely make a bad impression on the recipient. Even if you are bursting with anger, try to calm down when writing a letter of complaint or, at least, express your thoughts in more polite constructions in the paper. Remember: if you are furious and outraged when you are writing the letter of complaint, it may even be not read till the end as the person reading it would like to know more about the case or the very problem instead of being overwhelmed with your emotions. Therefore, we have prepared an example letter of complaint just for you to know how to organize your thoughts properly, properly deliver your message across, and thus ensure successful communication.

A Sample Letter of Complaint:

[The name of the outraged client] – i.e. you


[City, Zip Code]

[Email address] – optional


[Date of writing]


[Recipient’s name]

[Name of that awful company]


[City, Zip code]


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing with an aim of complaining about the unsatisfactory and low-quality service that I received from your company on November 15, 2017. Mr. X, the representative of your company, visited me on that day at my apartment.

The case is that Mr. X. arrived 40 minutes later than it had been arranged before. Moreover, he did not even apologize for being so late for the appointment. I was even more shocked when Mr. X. did not dare to leave his dirty shoes near the entrance door. As such, he left a muddy trail all the way from the corridor to the hallway. Before the appointment, we agreed on specific products that I am interested in and that I want to get more detailed information about. Mr. X, however, started to present me with a wide range of products that I was not interested in (and I specified that over the phone with one of your company’s representatives). I drew his attention to the fact that the products he was offering were of no interest to me, but he refused to listen to me and went on with advertising them to me. All in all, I ended this meeting after 20 minutes and neither of us accomplished the initial aim of the appointment.

I was really annoyed as I wasted the whole morning waiting for Mr. X to come for the arranged meeting and then listening to the description of products I had no interest in. I got a really bad impression of your company as an irresponsible one. It seemed to me that you do not put customers’ interests as your top priority. Besides, I had to spend extra money to remove the mud from the carpet that Mr. X left by his shoes.

I concur that this is not a proper way of conducting business with regular clients. I have been a client of your company since its foundation, therefore, I would be really grateful if this case could be explained. Look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

[Your Name]