5 Signs That You Might Have Impostor Syndrome

We all experience moments of self-doubt about our lives, but for some people, this feeling can evolve into something destructive – impostor syndrome. Being unaware of you success, refusing to praise yourself for a well-done work, constantly criticizing personal achievements and living in a perpetual fear of getting fired – these are common things that unite people who suffer from this syndrome. Here are other signs that might indicate this problem.

Feeling not Good Enough

Even when receiving a positive feedback, you can never get rid of the feeling that you aren’t good enough and soon you’ll fail anyway. You think that the position you occupy right now was not earned by you, but is a temporary occurrence till someone who can do this job better appears. You’re always afraid that people will find out that you aren’t as good as they might think you are.

Everything Must Be Perfect

Whatever you do, whether it’s writing a speech or washing the dishes, there is no place for flaws. Even the simplest tasks are seen as of great importance, and you will never allow yourself to do something half-heartedly. This lifestyle is exhausting, and you soon find yourself stressing about each minor detail and being unable to distance yourself from the “perfect image.”

You Scold Yourself

You’re constantly engaged in an inner dialogue with the evil version of yourself who always repeats that you’re doing something wrong. Lines like “I should have worked harder,” “I’m failing miserably,” “I don’t deserve this,” “I’m a mess, and soon everyone will find out” occupy your mind so often that you’ve started believing them. They don’t pop up suddenly but seem to be constantly looming over you whatever you’re doing.

You Think You Shouldn’t Be Praised

You never see any praise as sincere and always feel skeptical when someone acknowledges your success. You think that people deliberately lie to you because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. It doesn’t matter how many times they’ll repeat the praise, you will not believe them as you consider you aren’t  perfect enough.

You Don’t Think You’re Important

Even when you’re a great expert in your field, you feel as if your job could be done by virtually anyone. That’s why you lack confidence and think that you aren’t playing any role in the society. In reality, it might be a sign that you’re so naturally good at something that you can’t even comprehend the idea that some people might be lacking the skills, knowledge and ideas that you possess.

To start battling impostor syndrome, try to gradually distance yourself from all the negativity that you’ve surrounded yourself with. Open up to the things that other people say about you because their opinions combined carry more meaning than that one nagging voice in your head. Remember that this condition is not a mental disease, so you can combat it successfully with focusing on good things in your life.