3 Simple Ways How to Project Confidence

Have you ever seen any successful person having a tendency to stoop? Is being nervous helps your interlocutor to perceive better the information you are trying to convey?

A true business owner straightens up and projects an absolutely confident image. It is very important to look assured and composed when you walk into a room. However, if you are careless, you may not be perceived the way you want people to perceive you. This means you can project a completely different image.

The following body language guide is essential in terms of mastering body language and learning how to control it.

  1. Maintain a Positive Posture.

Keeping your body tall, head held high, shoulders back, legs aligned with shoulders, feet apart is a good beginning to maintain an assertive posture. It is a posture that conveys confidence instead of hesitancy. Legs or arms crossed and a stooped figure are signs of insecurity that are undoubtedly useless in terms of maintaining business.

  1. Be in Control of Your Non-Verbal Gestures.

Your hands are saying a lot. Thus, it is important to know exactly what they are conveying. I’m pretty sure that the last thing you are willing to do is to offend someone. Avoid pointing at people’s faces. Control your gestures while explaining your ideas and use open palms instead.  

Don’t place your hands on hips, as well. Some people may consider this posture as a sign of impatience or arrogance. It is also recommended to reduce nervous gestures, such as twirling your hair, drumming your fingers on tables, or bouncing your feet. Stop driving people crazy doing all these activities that reveal your nervousness.

In a professional setting, it is also not the best idea to cross your legs. A woman in tight dresses may project a very sexy image, while a man with a too short hem on his pants may distract attention by unintentionally showing off bare skin. Besides, crossed legs are bad for blood circulation.

  1. Pay Attention to Face Expression.

If you truly want to connect with people, try to smile more than usual when you greet or meet new people. Relax your face muscles and maintain an eye contact approximately 50-60% of all the time you communicate.

Do not underestimate the power of your body. Acquire the basics of the art of body language and succeed as an entrepreneur. Good luck in your professional path!