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Expository style of writing is fairly straightforward. Some even say that it is the easiest type of essay to write. One does not have to take a position on a topic, defend their side of the argument, and provide evidence, descriptions, or cause and effect illustrations. All one has to do is to explain the topic. The issue with such kind of writing is that many people struggle with eloquence. A person simply can’t be good at everything. Not being able to write well or simply disliking it is not the reason to be embarrassed about.

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Here are Only Some of the Examples of the Topics and Prompts We Work With!

  • How to patent your invention. – This topic is a simple ‘how-to’ guide that requires a bit of research and insight and can be adjusted for any country. The information is readily available, so no trouble there!
  • How to live on a budget. – This topic does not require much research, so it can be a quick and enjoyable writing experience. However, one should understand that such a simple topic will require a lot of good writing and articulation to get a good grade.
  • Why children learn at different rates. – This subject is multidisciplinary. That means that the writer will need to have basic knowledge of psychology, sociology, pedagogy, and even history. Researching might also require a prolonged visit to JSTOR.
  • Why it’s important to exercise. – This is another softball. With the information readily available online, especially after the successful Let's Move! campaign developed by First Lady Michelle Obama, writing about exercising should be easy and pleasant.
  • How the human brain works. – The writer will likely focus on an overview of the topic instead of getting into any specific anatomic and neurological details. After all, the subject is complicated enough for a warrant research.
  • Why adoption should be considered before pregnancy. – This topic is obviously more appropriate for an argumentative essay as it is quite controversial. However, an expository style text can provide a refreshing look at the topic unclouded by bias.
  • Why students are under more academic stress today. – This is a joy to write for a stressed student, because it is a way to express one’s feelings and complain without actually doing so. Research may entail a look into the recent writing on the subject, so a student might even find out information about the effective coping techniques.
  • Why teenagers join gangs. – This subject is certainly a challenge and requires a serious approach and attitude. It may turn out to be hard to balance pure facts of cultural context and racist attitudes and biases of previous researchers.

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