How to Write Imaginative Essays?

You have the task to write an essay, but there is no need to do any research, find any references and evidence. Can it be true? Yes, it can, if your assignment is an imaginative essay. You might need some tips on writing a good imaginative essay.

The Gist of Imaginative Essays

The word “imagination” has a similar meaning to “fiction”; and if you are assigned to write an imaginative essay, then you should compose a fiction story. In simple words, you can imagine any fantastic situation and create an exciting story.

You may choose any topic for your imaginative essay, starting from such minor ones as historical events and ending with something totally incredible like space traveling, the future of the humanity etc. If you face any difficulties with coming up with the topic for your paper, you can look through various imaginative essay samples and choose something you like best.

Writing an Outstanding Essay

So, to write a good essay on imagination, you should select a topic. Would you like to compose an essay on a certain historical event or something that takes place in the future? If you prefer writing about a historical event, it would be great to add a couple of real facts to the essay. If you want to describe future events, select as a starting point something that is real. For example, imagine that President J. F. Kennedy was not shot. Describe in the essay how would the USA live in that case.

If you want to make the paper more realistic and impressive, try doing the following:

  • Add sensory details, such as sounds, tastes, etc. Describe your characters and their feelings and emotions.
  • Describe particular changes in the characters of the essay. The best character is a dynamic one. Ensure that main character changes his/her views on things or acts differently.
  • Add realistic dialogues. It is easier to do so by imagining you actually interact with the characters around you.

When you finish your draft, proofread the paper and bring it to perfection. Ensure you use correct spelling and good grammar and punctuation. Remember, that for this kind of essay, you do not have to use formal language, but you still need to demonstrate your mastery of the mechanics of writing.