How to Write a Three-Page Essay Quickly and Easily

Very often, students are faced with the task of writing an essay. However, for many young people, this assignment seems challenging. In fact, you can write a three-page paper quickly and easily. Follow these tips.

Time Management

It is easier to cope with a large number of tasks if you know how to manage your time correctly. Create your schedule. First of all, pay attention to the completing complex and important tasks, for example, such as writing an essay and then proceed to some simpler things. Work on creating the text gradually.


The main problem of all students is the inability to concentrate on one activity. As a result, they lose a lot of time and get bad grades in college. To avoid this situation, you need to learn how to get away from all external irritants. You need to prepare your workplace. Make sure that it is comfortable. Remove all the unnecessary things from the table. While working on the essay, turn off the Internet and social networks; focus on the topic of your research.



Before you start writing your paper, you need to have a base of materials. You have to study a large amount of literature. You can do it in two ways. It is recommended to use each of them for maximum workflow efficiency. Download the necessary publications from the Internet and study them. However, at the same time, do not forget to visit the library. The fact is that there you can find rare editions that have not been published in electronic format. In addition, there are no distractions in the library, and you will be completely absorbed in the writing process.


To simplify the work, you must create a text outline. It will help make your essay logical and consistent. Remember that any paper should consist of three main parts (introduction, body of the text, and conclusions); show this sequence in your plan.



Many famous writers and scientists have written dozens of drafts before creating the final version of their works. A student who has little experience in the writing field must work on improving the draft. Do not worry if you have to change a large part of your essay. This way, you will not only improve your paper but also get invaluable experience.


Pay special attention to text correction. Remember, even the most brilliant idea will not be taken seriously if your text contains a lot of grammar or punctuation errors. Read your essay as a whole and correct the stylistic and structural inaccuracies. Then proceed to edit each paragraph separately. Do not neglect the rules of punctuation, because, in fact, it can significantly affect the essence of the text.


You need to present several weighty arguments in favor of one or another suggestion in your essay. Refer to the texts of scientific publications. Do not use quotes from newspaper articles or blogs as your argumentation.