The Model Biography Essay

An essay describing the life of a certain person is a frequent assignment the students get at schools or colleges. A biographical essay is defined as the description of the well-known person’s life and career. Being quite different from an academic paper, a biography requires following a specific plan and format. That is why, it is of great importance for students to explore biography sample essays to acquire necessary writing skills.  

The USA is the country of outstanding personalities and George Washington is one of the brightest representatives of the epoch. Not only did he become the first President of the States, he left his mark in history as an exceptionally gifted politician. This is the reason why the whole nation takes pride in George Washington and is constantly inspired by his example.

The 22nd of February, 1732, is the day of birth of the USA's first President. He was born in the wealthy family whose business relied on growing tobacco in the state of Virginia. Washington’s mother was his father’s second wife and George had two half-siblings. Lawrence Washington, George’s half-brother, supported him for many years. Washington received military training as he was intended to substitute his brother once he resigned. In a few years, Washington occupied the position of the aide to General Edward Braddock. While occupying the above position, the President-to-be became the head of the Virginia's department of the military forces.

Participating in the Second Continental Congress, which was held in Philadelphia in 1775, George Washington got an appointment of the military forces' commander of America. Such a post was highly challenging as the military system of that period was totally ruined being deprived of the governmental support and lacking the equipment necessary for the military activity. But Washington succeeded in restoring the army, which became the most potent in the world. Besides, he always set an example of courage for the soldiers while leading them on the battlefield risking his life for the sake of saving the lives of other people.

The first President of the States was an active participant of the battles to defend such cities as Boston and New York from the invasion of Britain. The battles ended with the outstanding victory of the American troops. In the described battles, the American forces headed by George Washington demonstrated the supremacy of strength and will over the British troops.

After he had become the President of the United States, Washington continued promoting and following the principles of democratic rule of the country. The priorities he aspired for included the integrality of the states, the power legacy, and the purpose of the nation to become the greatest nation in the world.

All in all, Washington turned out to be the most outstanding politician and statesman of the United States ever. George Washington died in 1799. However, he never stopped serving the example of devotion and self-sacrifice for the sake of the nation.