• +The order registration process has failed. I could not register online as my order was not submitted.

    If you were going to attach some files, such as instructions or additional materials, they may have exceeded the minimum allowed size. Therefore, to avoid delays in order registration loading, you should send them via email to the customer support team. The agents will then forward the materials to your assigned writer.

  • +I have picked the wrong paper deadline/length/academic complexity level/paper type. I would like to change the requirements. How can I do it?

    If you have submitted the order registration form already, you cannot edit the order details after you have clicked the confirmation button. However, it does not mean that you cannot change the details at all. When you address the customer support team, they will help you update the details on your behalf. When you change the deadline or order complexity level, you will have to pay some compensation for the updates. As such, your writer will be able to prioritize your order and finish working on it faster.

  • +How can I ask for additional pages to my order?

    You have to place an additional order and pay for the extra pages. After you verify the payment and register that additional order, it will be linked to the original one. You can do it on your own in your personal account after you have logged in.

  • +How can I know that a writer has been already found to work on my paper?

    When you click the order details, you will notice the writer’s ID, which means that he/she has already started working on your paper. Besides, the order status is changed to “Processing.”

  • +Can I buy a paper draft?

    When you cooperate with our company, you can purchase plenty of different services. A draft option is one those services that can be bought separately at an extra price. A draft is presented in the form of a one-page paper and is delivered to the client after half the deadline.

  • +How can I ask my assigned writer to revise my essay?

    There is a “Request a revision” button on the website, specifically close to the details form of each order ID. When you request a revision, you should be aware that two options are possible: a free revision option and a paid revision. The free option is available within two days (or 30 days depending on the peculiarities of your order) after the deadline expiration. When you send a free revision request, it is important not to change original instructions. A paid revision option is available when the free period for revision has expired or when you need to provide some additional instructions.

  • +How is it possible to change my email address/phone number/password, etc. in the personal information section?

    You just log in to your personal cabinet, click the “Edit Profile” function, and then you see the personal registration field. You are welcome to edit that information, but do not only forget to click the “Save” button so that the information is updated.

  • +How fast can you find a writer for my paper?

    Our company administration does everything possible to find the most appropriate writer within the shortest terms possible. Still, it depends on the paper type, deadline, paper length, and other criteria such as writers’ availability, for example.

  • +I would like to send a revision, but the free revision period has expired. Is it possible to send the revision at all?

    Sure, it is possible — you just have to place a paid revision request. You just need to place a new order with us and indicate the “Revision” order type.

  • +What are the means of communication with my writer?

    We have a messaging system on the website that allows you to send text messages directly to your writer, especially when you have questions, remarks, clarifications, and updates whatsoever. In urgent cases, you can contact our customer support agents via live chat support and get a prompt reply from them.

  • +Where will I find my finished academic paperwork?

    When your assigned writer completes your work, he/she will upload it to the system. In your turn, you will get an automatic email notification that the paper is uploaded and you will receive a link for download. As such, you can log in to your personal account and download the paper from the “Files” section.

  • +Can your company’s writers assist me with online tests/exams?

    Yes, our company’s professionals can help you with tests, quizzes, and exams that are held online. You need to choose the “Online test” assignment type and provide details of the test, specifically instructions and study files. After you have added all files and provided descriptions, you need to specify the exact time of the beginning of the test as well as your time zone. Remember to share your credentials with the assigned writer so that he/she could log in to your platform.

  • +Can your writers help me out with coding projects?

    Unfortunately for many customers, we do not provide help with IT assignments and coding tasks.

  • +How do I get notified about any news or updates?

    Our company sends automatic emails and SMS with notifications related to the order placement and payment processes. At times, you can even receive phone calls.

  • +How can I check that a writer has already been found to work on my paper?

    Monitor the order details in your order registration form. Pay attention to the order status and how it changes. At first, the status will be called “Payment Verification,” which indicates that you are required to pay for the order and verify the payment. After you do it, the status will be changed to “Processing,” which means that a writer has already been assigned. The status “Sent/Completed” means that you can download your completed assignment from your profile.

  • +When will I get my paper?

    According to the company’s policy, our writers deliver papers according to the due date that you indicate in the order registration field. The countdown starts once your order is made on our website and verified.

  • +I encounter difficulties registering my order online. What may be the reason?

    Sometimes it happens that the system does not allow you to register the order online. Our customers may encounter such complications when they attach too many files that may cause delays in webpage loading. Therefore, instead of trying to attach all possible files to the order registration form, send them via email (remember to indicate the ID of your writing project in the title of your email) and submit the order without any files. Our support representatives will add your extra files to your order.

  • +Where will my completed paper be uploaded?

    Finished papers are uploaded by writers to our company’s website. Specifically, they are uploaded to the system where customers have access to them from their own personal cabinets. When the deadline has expired or when you have got a notification that the paper has already been uploaded, you should search for it in the “Completed Orders” section among the files.

  • +What to do if I have problems connected with the order payment?

    Our company administration or customer support agents do not deal with the payment processes directly. We can recommend you to use another web browser for payment or proceed with the payment via another credit card. In case there are more pressing and acute issues connected with finances or banking operations, you should contact your bank.

  • +Can you send me my paper earlier if the writer finishes it well before the deadline?

    No, it is against our company’s policies since we strictly adhere to the deadlines set by clients. If you want your paper to be sent to you faster, you need to place a compensation order for earlier delivery.

  • +After my paper is completed, can you send it to me by email?

    When the papers are finished, you can find them in your personal profile, in the “Completed orders” section. You will have access to the files only after you have logged in. If you cannot get access to your personal profile for some reason, you can ask our company’s customer support agents to forward the completed paper to you via email.

  • +I have paid for the supreme writing package and I wonder whether I can choose the writer who has already provided orders for me?

    Buying a supreme writing level package does not predetermine that you can choose the writer. Within this package, you are just guaranteed that one of top 30 writers from our service will be assigned, but you do not know which one. Additionally, this package guarantees you a plagiarism report. If you want to select a specific writer, you have to use the “Preferred Writer” option and pick the premium writing service. Our Writing Department will allocate that specific expert to your order straight away and you will be also provided with a report on plagiarism.

  • +Am I obliged to provide my phone number? I do not really want to share my personal and contact information.

    We cannot force you to provide the details, but with the help of your contact information we will be able to get in touch with you really promptly, especially when the issue is pressing and urgent.

  • +I am nervous about sharing my personal and contact information with you. Will my information be stored in confidentiality?

    Yes, privacy policy is one of our priorities. We never share any of your details with the third parties. We do not even disclose any information within the company, namely between writers and clients.

  • +Within the free revision period that you guarantee, am I allowed to send only one revision?

    No, you are not limited in the number of requests for revision. Just take into account the time and set appropriate revision deadlines.

  • +Can I be sure that you will provide a plagiarism-free paper for me?

    It is our company’s mission to provide plagiarism-free and authentic papers. Before delivery, each text is scanned by our plagiarism-detection tool.

  • +Who will write my assignment?

    When we assign writers to work on your papers, keep in mind that we choose the most applicable writers who match your qualifications and paper requirements. Be assured that your paper will be completed by a real expert in your subject area.

  • +How can I know if my paper has been proofread and edited?

    We have VIP services that allow you to care about checking the paper for mistakes. When you pick this option, you will pay additionally, but you could be sure that the paper is impeccable in quality. After the paper completion, it is sent to the editorial department.

  • +Can I check whether a writer is working on my paper or not?

    You have access to your personal profile at any time, so you are welcome to check the order status. Right after you have registered the paper online with us, the order has the “New” status. Then it turns into “Payment verification,” but as soon as you pay for the paper, we find the writer and the status becomes “Processing.” Specifically, the “Processing” status means that a writer is in the process of writing your task. Once your piece of writing is uploaded to our system, the status changes to “Sent.” Furthermore, our company guarantees automatic notifications of the order status via SMS if you order a VIP option called “Get SMS notifications.”

  • +I have mistakenly indicated the wrong paper urgency. How can I now modify the paper details?

    Our company’s customer support agents are capable of adjusting details on your behalf. Just provide us with the updates and we will help you calculate the new price and place a compensation order that covers the sum of money that has to be paid due to the different in the deadlines. Usually, when you make changes in the original paper requirements, the price changes accordingly. Once the transaction is conducted successfully, the deadline change will be applied.

  • +How should I place a new order with you if I want it to be completed by the writer who has already provided papers for me?

    If you particularly liked the papers of a specific writer, you are welcome to purchase a “Preferred Writer” option. This option is paid extra, but this service allows you to choose a specific professional (among those who have already done assignments for you) for your order completion. You just need to find the ID of the wanted writer (check your previous orders) and insert it into the new order registration form. Keep in mind that you will have to pay extra 15% to the total order price.

  • +What are your company’s responsibilities?

    One of the underlying duties of our service is to find a writer who can perfectly deal with your assignment. As soon as you place your order and verify your payment, we start searching for the most relevant writer who best matches your paper requirements, qualifications, and academic level. Besides, we are responsible for ensuring timely delivery of papers. Furthermore, we make sure that your paper is not only properly written but also thoroughly edited, proofread, and checked for plagiarism.

  • +Do you have writers who can manage even the most confusing and complicated assignments?

    We have a team of writers who hold Master’s and PhD degrees, which means that they can help you with virtually any order from high school and college to Master’s and doctoral levels. You can even share your instructions with us in advance and check whether our writers can handle your task.

  • +Why do I have difficulties paying for the paper?

    There may be different reasons for that, but some of the most widespread are authorization errors and payment failures. Therefore, try paying via another browser or by using the other banking card. If these do not help, please contact your banking company straightaway.

  • +I click the “Proceed” button, but my order registration form has turned grey and keeps loading.

    If you have tried to upload some documents with the registration form, they may be the reason of the delay. So, instead of uploading the materials, please send them to us via email and submit the order registration form without any attachments. Note that you can also upload the needed extra material to the “Files” section.

  • +I paid for the paper, but it keeps asking me to proceed with my online payment.

    It sometimes happens that the payment is not successful. Look for the payment receipt in your inbox, Spam/Trash folders included, and send it to us. If there is no receipt, log in to your banking account and check whether money for the services has been withdrawn. If not, it follows that your financial transaction was not successful and you should try another browser/card/payment processing organization/device.

  • +I would like to check first if my academic assignment can be handled by your writers without any troubles. Can I clarify this thing before placing the order?

    Sure, just send us your instructions via email or live chat and we will check it out with the Writing Department.

  • +Is it obligatory to send you my contact details, such as a phone number?

    We would strongly encourage you to do so since in cases of emergency we would be able to contact you.

  • +I got a message that the order I have previously placed would be refunded. What is this process like?

    The process may take up from three to five business days. It depends not only on our service how fast the money will be returned but also on your bank.

  • +How can I get in touch with my assigned writing specialist?

    Our company has specific rules of communication. We provide a chance for clients to use the direct messaging system but it enables clients to send only text messages. It means that you cannot make phone calls and talk with your assigned writer. In urgent cases, you can request writers’ response via the live chat support.

  • +Where will I find my finished order?

    Go to your personal profile, click the “Completed Orders” tab, go to the “Files” section and there you are — you will be able to download the paper. In those cases when the deadline has already expired but you cannot find the paper in the “Files” section, you need to contact our customer support service for help and clarifications.

  • +When will I get the paper?

    We are bound to deliver papers according to the set deadline. So, expect your paper at the deadline you have set. The due date can be checked in the “Delivery” section.

  • +I wonder if my assigned writer can buy the materials that are needed for order completion?

    If there are some books that have to be purchased in order to handle your assignment or some parts of it, it is your responsibility as a client to provide that book for your assigned writer.

  • +I was trying to submit my task to you, but the page keeps loading.

    Check whether you have not uploaded a lot of files with the order registration form. Instead of attaching them to the order placement form, try to forward them to our customer support center via email.

  • +My professor has provided me with an update to make my paper longer. Can I ask my writer to provide extra pages?

    You are welcome to turn to our live chat support for help. You can inform them that you need additional pages and the agents will help you place the additional order online. After you pay for the additional order, it will be linked to the original one.

  • +I indicated a wrong paper deadline. I would like to shorten it now.

    You cannot simply shorten the deadline and that is it. You will need to pay some compensation first. Specifically, you can place a compensation order, indicate the order ID there, and then set the new deadline. The compensation is the amount of money that is needed to pay to cover the difference between the deadlines.

  • +What assignment type do I have to select during the registration process if I cannot find the one that fits my assignment?

    Choose the order type depending on your instructions and paper specifics. If you are confused about the assignment, forward your order description to us and we will help you out with that.

  • +Can you guarantee original content of writing?

    Our custom writing agency assures accuracy and authentic content. Papers you place with us are handled by real experts and proofread by professional editors. Even if you need some research to be done for your paper, our company’s writers will carry out the research from scratch according to your individual instructions. You can be certain that your work will pass all checks for plagiarism. In addition, you will be able to scan your delivered writing project by our software called PlagiarismSearch. Please pay attention that we do not refer to Turnitin since is automatically saves the checked files and, therefore, it is impossible to scan them once more.

  • +Is your custom writing agency confidential?

    Our company guarantees privacy to all clients. None of your personal or contact information will ever be disclosed to the third parties. You can feel safe and secure with us.

  • +Will you provide my paper according to the deadline?

    You can rely on us when it comes to timely delivery of papers. Therefore, it is important that you set the deadline while you are registering the paper.

  • +Is it possible for clients to negotiate your custom paper prices?

    No, we do not provide an opportunity to discuss prices. We have fixed prices and the pricing policy is determined by stable criteria that each order has: deadline, paper length, paper type, writing level. Still, you will be able to save some money if you deal with us since our agency offers generous discounts and makes special offers.

  • +If I have questions to my writer, can I talk to him/her?

    If you have questions, you can ask them in the written format in the text messages. Urgent clarifications can be got via the customer support team.

  • +The order placement form has got frozen/turned grey. What is the problem that I cannot register my order online?

    As a rule, the webpage may be lagging because of the files that you have been trying to attach to the registration form. So, try to forward them to the customer support team via mail.

  • +I want to place an online test order with you, but I cannot select the deadline, as you have no one-hour deadline option.

    Our customer support team can help you sort out this issue. First, please make sure that the company can provide you with assistance of a writer who is available at the time your online exam takes place.

  • +Can I have money for the order refunded in the form of bonus credits? How to use them?

    You need to inform our customer care team or Financial Department about your decision. They will help you throughout this procedure. Bonuses are assigned to your personal account as soon as your refund application is approved and they are stored there accordingly. You can use them as money either for full or partial payment for your future orders.

  • +When will I be able to download the completed paper and how will I get it?

    You will receive the order at the time that you set in the order form. Besides, if you are logged in to your personal account, you will have access to the file in the “Completed Orders” section. Additionally, you will be emailed a notification that your order is done.

  • +What paper type should I pick when registering my order with you?

    If you do not understand what order type you need to pick, you can contact our customer support representatives for assistance. When you share your instructions with us, we will analyze the requirements and help you pick the needed order type.

  • +Can I be sure that I will receive a top-quality paper? Can you guarantee me top academic performance once I start cooperating with your service?

    We prefer not to promise our customers any grades because grading is a subjective process and we are not responsible for it. Nonetheless, we can guarantee premium-quality and plagiarism-free content that you can get from us. Our writers are accomplished specialists who hold MA and PhD degrees and have considerable experience in writing. They have already assisted numerous clients with their writing projects. You are free to look through our samples to make sure that we always meet quality standards when writing papers.

  • +Is it possible to get my paper prior to the deadline?

    Our company has a specific order delivery policy, according to which orders are uploaded at the specified deadline. If you need your paper earlier, be sure that you will have to pay for the earlier delivery. The compensation price will be calculated based on the difference in the initial and the updated deadline.

  • +Who will be working on my paper?

    All papers that you entrust to our company are handled by professional and experienced writers. Be sure that we pick writers according to your qualifications and major you specialize in.

  • +Can I first double-check whether you have writers who can handle my assignment?

    Forward your instructions to our support team and they will find out whether we have the writers majoring in your topic.

  • +What are the main aspects to know about your company’s pricing policy?

    The price for your paper depends on a variety of criteria. We take into account the paper type, its complexity, length, deadline, and other factors. To calculate the exact price, you need to fill the online calculator with relevant details. You can also check the “Prices” page, or ask our support agents for help.

  • +How will I get the completed task?

    You will be able to download it from the “Files” section in your personal account.

  • +I have written a part of my assignment on my own. Can you complete the rest of the paper for me?

    Sure, feel free to count on us in such case. Provide us with order description and forward those parts that you have written. Our writers will try to maintain the originality of ideas and coherence of your paper.

  • +What is your company’s working hours?

    We have a round-the-clock schedule, so you can rely on our assistance at any time.

  • +Do you have writers able to deal with urgent deadlines?

    Sure, we have a team of writers who are resilient to work even under stressful conditions. Tight deadlines are not a problem for our writers. You can even clarify beforehand whether our writers can handle your paper on time.

  • +I want to choose a specific writing specialist from one of my previous orders. How is it possible to do that?

    Go to your personal cabinet and try to find that writer’s ID in one of the order details section of the paper at hand. Copy that ID and paste it into the “Preferred Writer” field. This is an additional option that is extra paid — you will add 15% to the total order price.

  • +Do your writers provide paper revisions if I need some corrections?

    Yes, you can use either the free revision option or a paid one. In the former case, you are limited in time — you only have 48 hours for short papers and 30 days for long papers to send a revision request and you cannot change the guidelines provided at the ordering stage. However, when it goes about a paid revision option, you can even change or adjust paper instructions. You just place a separate order type “Revision” and pay for it.

  • +Can you guarantee excellent marks for me in my subject?

    We never guarantee any marks or improvements in the academic performance as we cannot be responsible for somebody else’s grading process.

  • +Is there a way to scan my paper via anti-plagiarism software with your service?

    Plagiarism check is one of the VIP services that are available with our company. Once you purchase our VIP services, you are given the chance to get your texts scanned via our anti-plagiarism software. This free plagiarism-checking option is granted for one year.