Google Inc. Advertising Models


The global tendencies in using the web servers for storing, preserving and controlling the data comprise the vital issue of the IT and marketing spheres. The web testing soft applicable for the products, Hang Outs chatting soft, Google+ account both for web and mobile application is the incomplete list of products created by Google Company. The accessibility of its soft, simplification of finding and preserving the data as well as mere interface comprises the competitive advantage of Google products over Yahoo, Hotmail or other web media.

The possibility of the business to advertise itself without the necessity to collaborate with the advertising campaign affirms its brand approval on the web market and shows high popularity of Google Company and its products. Nowadays no user can find the necessary information via or search engines with ease. The customers mark browser for creating e-mail accounts as that with the highest protection and data safety. Numerous IT firms create their internal company mail system on due to the possibility to chat via Hangouts and hold Google+ account with YouTube video download and further integration of Google+ to YouTube channel to upload and comment videos.

Establishing the brand to be the leader of the market requires conducting the advertising activities and campaigns for the customers to receive the latest information about the competitive advantages of the brand and get the necessary skills to use it quickly and easily. Numerous opportunities of software lessen the necessity of conducting advertising campaign due to integration possibilities of products, the availability of free and paid soft, because consumers can perform developing and testing by themselves and purchase the ready software products directly from as well as provide their own cooperation strategies, development and integration suggestions for establishing the mutual income and acquiring higher market share.

Chapter I. Company History

Having met in 1995 at Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin initiated the Google search engine in 1996, which turned into founding the Google Inc. Company in 1998 (Google Company Overview, n.d.; Appendix A). The name ‘Google’ originated from mathematical margin of 100 zeros following 1. Such entity was non-existing until a billionaire Andy Bechtolsheim wrote out the check on the sufficient sum.

During less than a ten years period Google Inc. increased and grew in the production offered and the clients acquired. The Googleplex in California, the headquarters of the firm since 2004, is a famous building visited by numerous investors, customers and other people. 70 offices in more than 40 countries worldwide became the dream jobs of qualified personnel providing IT services for developer companies; e-commerce shops owners, commercial corporations (Appendix A).

The success of Google Inc. remains approved by years of experience, ideas and following the latest trends in IT sphere. Supporting the conception of organizing world information and providing its accessibility triggered its direction towards developing the free and paid products. 

Production Variety

Google Inc. created its web-browser Chrome used and approved by each Web consumer all over the world. Gmail service for creating e-mails also found its approval among numerous firms establishing their servers by means of due to its high security, spam filtering and other information safety advantages.

Numerous integrations of Chrome Browser to YouTube videos acquired in 2006, their navigability to Google search engine, Gmail service launched in 2004 and Google Play application for Android smartphones belong to the incomplete list of developer department’s scope of work at the corporation (Google Products, 2016). Google Play application enables to download different software for various types of content and integrate the operability of the programs within the Android mobile. Books, movies, music and press comprise the downloadable content to use via the applications (Google Company Overview, n.d.).

The production variety of Google Inc. comprises a vital competitive advantage due to the accessibility and convenience of the software and web development possibilities. The opportunity to test and validate the functional of the provided programs made Google production acquire self-advertisement and high estimation of customer satisfaction.

Google Inc. Advertising Possibilities

The advantageous side of Google Inc. production and the uniqueness of its services find their reflection in the advertising prospects. Google AdWords, created in 2000 before Gmail service (Google Adwords, n.d.; Google Company Overview, n.d.; Ihbirm’s Channel, 2008), was among the first services allowing creating self-advertisement. The dashboards to follow the campaign as well as the possibility to monitor expenses, visiting the advertised web site and other peculiarities provide the client with the opportunity to create, monitor, plan and imply the actual advertisement campaign. The search engine’s possibility of finding the business sphere the user is interested in due to AdWords service enables to see the pricing for numerous products and services and analyze the business market.

The self-advertising opportunities of Google AdWords as well as numerous products developed by Google Inc. define the company as the brand developer and global service provider. The firm admits the self-made positioning based on its products and high-quality service. Understanding the ways of its business management necessitates learning the industry and analyzing the data.

Chapter II. Industry Profile and Data Analysis

Developing software for global use has become the actual necessity of all the Internet users. The accessibility of search engines and the compound soft for mailing services represent the actual business success on the stock market. Google Finance enables integrating the data received from the stock market during a five- or ten-year term to encompass the factors and the financial consequences of the business scale.

The promotion strategy on the IT and web development market due to self-advertising strategy based on production variety constitutes the advantageous side of the product accessibility to the global customers. Using Chrome web-browser and the possibility to download it for free without the danger of virus alert allows Google Inc. to find the potential clients, regardless their age, religion, continent or PC usage experience and skill. Such tendencies explain high demand on Google products and help acquire high incomes due to using the browsers and e-mail system as the preferable service among Google users.

Study of the Data Sheet

When considering the position of Google Inc. in the IT and web market, the raising tendencies of its business remain obvious (Appendices B, C). The growth rate of its shares comprises 28.69% during 2006-2016 (Appendix B, Google Finance, 2016). Such tendencies allow stating that company’s efforts in collaborating, developing and improving the actual software as well as its mutual integrating of the services which comprise the accessibility and convenience of the interface for the consumers are very successful.

When dwelling on the lowering of the indices before 2014-2015, numerous policies applied locally as well as the global crisis impact demotivated the clients to use the paid web resources and soft. The Chinese experience of Google implication (Lee, Liu. & Li, 2013) shows high governmental control of the mainland China over using the Internet, and the company’s failure to deliver its services to the representatives of China’s neighbors. The state’s living standards, lower paying capacity of the consumers also influenced the financial indices. As the web market was growing in 2005-2011, the income rates of the competing companies were low as well. Particularly, mobile application market investigation held by K. Rasmussen, A. Wilson, & A. Hindle (2014) revealed the 20% increase of customers having acquired Android mobiles in the USA between May 2011 and 2013.

The mobile market growth as well as the extension of web market due to more production took place between the years 2008-2014. In spite of the mentioned challenges, Google Inc. managed to compete with Mozilla, Yandex and Yahoo browsers and integration products.

Privacy Policy

The analysis of the peculiarities of service providing by Google Inc. constitutes the documentation available on its website. The substantial number of consumers note high safety measurements provided by the browser and Gmail service. Nevertheless, learning the Privacy Policy documents helps better understand the legal ways and peculiarities of company’s approach to its clients.

When studying Privacy Policy document (Google Privacy Policy, 2016) the user finds simple explanation of how to use Google services by creating the account. The laconic instructions enable international clients to get to know all the peculiarities of services’ implementation. The document explains the possibility to monitor the interests of the customers and choose or direct the user on the content he or she is interested in. The synchronization possibilities of Google service integrate the user’s number and ‘device- specific information’ (Google Privacy Policy, 2016) for implementing the GPS possibilities, limiting the data access and adapting their soft for further improvements in case of detecting the malfunction.

The necessity of data collection from the users and the approval of Google service by its clients witnesses of high level security and loyalty of the customers. Developing improvements of production requires detailed marketing analysis, monitoring the difficulties outside the market environment and learning the needs and interests of the Internet and mobile users.

Chapter III. Review of the Market

Marketing analysis of the Google Inc. work encompasses learning the competitors, investigating the company’s market share and studying the possibilities of acquisition of larger market segments. Alongside with web market, the end users of Google production cover the customers holding the smartphone applications on iOS, Android and Windows platforms as well as integration possibilities for the common web-browser and search engine soft. Yandex and Yahoo search engines, Mozilla Firefox and Opera web browsers are the analogical products to that of Google Inc. 

Google Competitors

When taking into account the Google Inc. competitors, at the beginning of search engine variety growth, Yahoo, the American company, and the Russian server Yandex were the principal competitors among the developed search engines. The users market the American products to be of higher quality compared to the Russian one.

Getting rapid results and the possibility of finding the necessary information by means of Yahoo and Google suppressed Yandex’s position on the market (Appendix C). Google also remained on lower margins due to the lack of improvements and limited choice of production. Further acquisition of YouTube, developing Gmail server and its integration to Hangout and Google+ account accomplished the convenience of the interface and helped the user to rethink Google service possibilities.

Taking into account the web search engine possibilities, B.D. Herman (2015) analyzes the issue of copyrighted work in the light of commercial and non-commercial use of the web resources. The scholar distinguishes the purpose and character of the use, the nature of the copyrighted work, the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole, and the effect of the use (p. 208).

Providing the authentic resources via web engines is time saving for the students attempting to find the necessary issue in the libraries. Thus, search engine alongside with the scientific sources provided by its competitors has attained larger popularity among the scientific study and research. Although Yahoo browser also holds e-mail service, provides new feed and financial issues, Google’s supply is more competitive as it holds and engines, which lessens the traffic load.

When installing the web browser, the Internet Explorer has become obsolete in 2008-2013 due to developing of Opera, Firefox and Safari browsers. Chrome browser appeared in 2008 (Google Products, 2016). The slow speed and data feed in Explorer have negatively impacted on its demand. The usability of Firefox interface and quick navigation to results are relatively convenient compared to Chrome. The download observation of Firefox browser in the right upper corner and Chrome’s in the bottom left remain to choose depending on the customer’s habits. Thus, self-advertisement of Google services is noticeable on the market.

Having considered the market environment of mobile and web applications, it has become possible for Google Inc. to become the industry leader due to hard work of the developers and marketers on the positioning of the company. Still, the implication of the strategy needs the study of advantageous side of Google Inc. production.

Google Advantages

The highest ranks of production variety at Google Inc. have been an advantageous prerogative of Google software and web-products. Due to the convergence of numerous media, the information availability quickens, thus the necessity to read newspapers, watch the news and communicate with people disappears. The globalization’s outspread and penetration into all the spheres of life is the vital factor promoting IT market growth in general.

When analyzing the problem of media convergence in EU during 2011-2013, Van den Bulck and Donders (2014) underline the globalization extension to the media sphere and imply the interdependence of information resource accessibility regardless age, profession or a country. The information overload problem following from this is both favorable and disregarding.

On the one hand, the favorable side of the availability of unstructured information necessitates the appearance of search engine products. Moreover, the product differentiation model, chosen by Google Inc. with the aim of advertisement providing the actual accessibility to the latest developed programs, positions the company for itself.

On the other hand, the absence of advertising the Google product conditions implication of the actual advertisement soft and writing the newer programs to regulate the information flow and direct it to the necessary user.

Having considered the advantageous side of Google production the possibility to characterize the advertising peculiarities appears. AdWords, brand interface on the software dashboards constitute the self-advertising model. Further investigation will cover advertising peculiarities of the company.

Chapter IV. Results and Discussion of Advertising Models and Possibilities

Google AdWords dashboard and its unification to Gmail service is the product for developing the unique advertisement campaign by the users. The global approval of Google software among the customers allows stating of the profound self-advertisement measurements implied by Google Inc.

Developing newer soft and its integration to the existing Chrome browser for web programs and Google Play application for the mobile soft downloading make Google products usable for tablets, laptops, mobiles and PC. Numerous web-testing conducted on Google platform also allow free online services and integrated Google applications for conducting different development and design operations.

AdWords interface uses the Gmail integration and the user cannot change the e-mail custom field. Such a marketing automation technique promotes the users’ web sites and quickens search engine optimization (SEO).

Attracting the customers’ interest, Google applies all the possible and easy interface altering. Doodles changing the Google search engine view depend on the date or holiday. The possibility to ‘play’ with Doodles is an effective technique for involving the consumers of different ages.

Learning tutorials on YouTube concerning the instructions to use applications as well as free choice of navigation pages enable the customer to choose and navigate to the necessary piece of information.

Conclusions and Recommendations

The globalization processes in the sphere of Internet marketing comprises favorable factor for the IT sphere growth and providing quick access to the numerous global companies via the World Web. Having grown from a mere search engine into a corporation offering e-mail creating and holding Google Chrome Browser, Google has approved itself profoundly on the IT market.

The self-advertising model implied by Google Inc. created the optimization trend and allowed directing more costs on improvements and development. Google AdWords, YouTube, HangOuts chat, Google+ integrate to Gmail service.

The convenient interface and extended integration possibilities can create a perspective for the internal social network at Google. Though the developer team at Google Inc. remains reluctant to writing codes for such functionality, overload and server safety can become an obstacle for the consistency of such a soft. Still, simplification and universality of the interface for different devices make the Google team concentrate on the soft size rather than integration possibilities.